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10 Mother’s Day Gifts For Weed-Loving Moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect cannabis gift for the weed-loving mama in your life.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for the ganja mama in your life. If you’re looking to take it up a notch this year, then there’s no better way to do it than to surprise her with a cannagift.

Cannabis products seem to be on the up-and-up lately and the taboo around the plant has slowly begun to disappear. So, if mom hasn’t ever tried cannabis perhaps this is the time to show her what it can do for her.

And if she’s still not so sure about it then maybe a non-intoxicating CBD gift might be the way to go. Fortunately, with cannabis, there’s a bit of everything for everyone.

In case you need some ideas, we have come up with a list of weed-friendly treasures that will without a doubt make mom smile.  Moms are some of the hardest working people around. For this reason, they deserve to be spoiled on this special day.  From cannabis candles to a bouquet of Mary Jane, here are the ten best cannagifts you can get for Mother’s Day.

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My Bud Vase Rose

One thing my mom always told me was to never get her a present that wasn’t for her. I’ll make myself clear; no neat kitchen appliances, designer knives, and definitely nothing for her to hang on her wall. She always felt that these types of gifts were not for her but for her house instead, and at the end of the day, a person will always want to decorate their home to fit their personal taste.

But what if that gift was functional and regardless of whether they chose to use it as decor or not, they could still use it for something else, something they like.

My Bud Vase makes unique waterpipes made to be discreet, functional, and serve as a decoration item if you choose to do that. The Rose is a part of My Bud Vase’s signature collection. A modern take on vintage Victorian flowers that will provide mom with a high-class cannabis experience.


The Session Goods Pipe

If there’s one thing about smoking weed that I’m not particularly in love with is how long it can take to get from grinding to smoking sometimes. Yes, I’m not the most patient person out there. But it seems like I’m not the only one amongst tokers because this is exactly why smoking pipes were invented.

I’m not saying your mom is lazy or anything like that, but perhaps she needs a nice pipe for her stash that helps her go from grinding to smoking that much faster. But something that does it with style.

If that sounds like something she’d be interested in then you should look into the Session Goods Pipe. A compact, classy, and ready-to-go device. The Session Goods Pipe comes with a silicone cover that protects it from clumsy hands and allows you to carry it as a keychain. the best part is that it’s available in 7 different colors that match almost any taste.

CLSICS Live Rosin

It might be that mom is a long-time cannabis smoker. If so, it’s going to be a bit tricky to surprise her with cannabis gifts. Even though in my eyes any cannabis gift is a good gift, for mother’s day you might want to give her something special, something she’s never seen before.

Long-time cannabis smokers like myself tend to prefer dry herb to any other cannabis derivative or concentrate. But whenever I’ve tried high-quality live rosin I’ve always been impressed. Which is why I’m suggesting it as a Mother’s Day gift.

CLSICS makes terpenoid-fueled, full-spectrum rosin crafted by true cannabis connoisseurs. But aside from that, they manage to make a wide variety of products with it, not just concentrate. This means mom won’t necessarily have to get herself a dab rig if she doesn’t want to. The 4-joint box of hand-crafted pre-rolls is hand-made in San Diego, California using rosin-infused weed.

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies

If your mom is a weed-lover and isn’t already using CBD, it might be time to change that. Lunchbox Alchemy CBD gummies happen to be just the right product for the job.

As we grow older, we grow wiser, but we also develop back pain, more stress, and a number of other things we’d rather not think about. In an effort to remain young at heart, many have turned to CBD, particularly CBD edibles.

Lunchbox Alchemy is an Oregon-native brand that’s been racking up awards for the quality of their edibles since 2012. Their CBD gummies are made with full-spectrum hemp oil, the industry-standard when it comes to quality CBD. Lunchbox Alchemy CBD gummies come in a variety of flavors and effect-based formulations that help with Sleep, Relief, and Daily wellness.

Made with all-natural, vegan ingredients, and 3rd party lab-tested, Lunchbox Alchemy CBD gummies are a gift you and Mom will both feel good about.

The Ardent FX

Yep, I basically started this article by saying “don’t get your mom a kitchen appliance”, and here I am, suggesting you get her a kitchen appliance. But I also said, get her something functional, something she can use and enjoy. Which the Ardent FX is.

An all-in-one cannabis kitchen that allows users to decarboxylate weed, infuse edibles, and bake goods, all with the same device. The best part is that the product comes in a compact design that keeps your kitchen mess-free and is actually a good fit for beginners and experts alike.

This might be THE gift if your mom is into edibles or baking. Or maybe she’s never made an edible in her life and the Ardent FX is here to change that.

CBD + THC Chocolates From Five CBD

Chocolates are always a good gift for any occasion. A box of high-quality chocolates might be exactly what mom was hoping for, only this time you’ll be able to enhance that box of chocolates with a dose of high-end CBD extract.

Chocolates are nice to eat just because they’re delicious, but what if they could be functional as well? Five CBD chocolates provide a blend of blissful milk chocolate and 5:1 hemp extract. A ratio that provides a mild feeling of ‘highness’ without allowing you to get ‘baked’. In other words, just enough to lift your spirits up.

Each bag of original milk chocolate squares by Five CBD is made with full-spectrum CBD extract and contains a total of 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC per square. Chocolates also come in two different flavors to choose from; Original Milk Chocolate or Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.

BOTA Body Essentials Set

If you’ve decided to take the path of skincare and beauty products, then it might be best if you purchase a set that hits diverse aspects of skincare. While an all-in-one body oil could be a great gift, perhaps a Body Essentials Set from BOTA could make you look a lot better.

The BOTA Body Essentials Set brings everything a mom needs to look fresh and healthy all day long. It comes with a nourishing all-day body lotion, age-defying hand lotion, and ultra-rich satin body creme, and a warming muscle melt creme. The combination and daily use of these products soothe and hydrate the skin beyond comparison.

But that’s not the best part:

By purchasing the BOTA Body Essentials Set you’ll save 30% on all the CBD plant-based products your skin loves.

Medterra's 24/7 Mom Bundle

Serious brands take moms seriously. That’s why Medterra has put together a product bundle specifically designed for mom.

The bundle comes with:

  • A pack of CBD gummies crafted to promote better sleep and additional rest. Each gummy contains 25 mg of high-end CBD extract and a balanced mix of melatonin, chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm.
  • Manuka Honey healing cream dosed with 125 mg of full-spectrum CBD. Manuka Honey has long been revered to be a great product to help tired bodies cope with muscle soreness and exhaustion.
  • Medterra’s immune boost tincture with 750 mg of CBD hemp extract. Immune Boost Tincture is meant to be consumed as a sublingual product, which provides a faster onset and more effective results.

Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax Body Oil

If you have a mom that likes to take care of her skin on a daily basis, then it would benefit you to know that CBD is slowly taking over the beauty industry.

According to various sources and research, CBD has an array of benefits on the skin that include combating acne outbreaks through anti-inflammatory effects and overall nourishing and hydration of the skin.

Relax + Arnica Body Oil has by Receptra Naturals has been formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that soothe tension and moisturize the skin, promoting a healthy balance for body and mind.

Each bottle of Seriously Relax Body Oil contains 200 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, a precise helping of Arnica, natural lavender and vanilla scents, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Camphor. A blend that provides a balanced feeling of relaxation, moisturization, and tension relief.

The DaVinci MIQRO

If your mom is a vape enthusiast, then this is the perfect device to give her on her special day. The MIQRO is the smallest premium vape on the market. This sleek, easily pocketable unit is made for ultra-precise and extremely flavorful dry herb vaping.

Coming in at less than $100, this unit won’t cost you a fortune and still has the trademark quality of one of the most notable vape brands out there. Featuring an all-ceramic air path and precise heating, this device will deliver smooth pulls and flavorful vapor.

Ideal for micro-dosers and moderate users, this hand-sized MIQRO is a nice option to treat your stoner mom on this special day.

May 07, 2021 — Last Updated June 02, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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May 07, 2021 — Last Updated June 02, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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