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Our Favorite Landrace Strains From The Kush Mountains

These are the landrace strains you need to try.

From the center of Afghanistan to Pakistan and into Tajikistan lies the beautiful Hindu Kush Mountains, a 500-mile long mountain range with ideal growing climates that offers the most notable landrace strains.

There’s something about a landrace that makes the entire cannabis experience seem more wholesome, inclusive, and welcoming, especially since these strains have existed for millennia and have been used generation after generation. Below, you’ll find our top three favorite landrace strains ever to exist.

Hindu Kush

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The most popular Indica landrace strain from the Hindu Kush Mountains is, well, Hindu Kush. If you’re looking to grow this strain, go for it! This strain is actually one of the easier plants to grow at home.

Coming from the 500-mile long mountain range it’s named after, Hindu Kush is also known for its relaxing, potent, and sedative properties. Even the most seasoned cannabis users are bound to feel the powerful and heavy effects after taking a few puffs. The strain’s THC content sits at 18% and is ideal for those stressful days, which seem to be every day thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Afghan Kush

Another top landrace strain that originates near the Hindu Kush mountain range is Afghan Kush. This Indica landrace is seen as the best cannabis flower in its region for a couple of solid reasons. First, the strain has a rich resin content that offers a dark, sticky, and potent hash.

Second, the effects produced by Afghan are deeply relaxing, euphoric, and rather spiritual, depending on how well versed you are with the spiritual realm of smoking weed. What’s great about Afgan is although it’s deeply relaxing, it doesn’t leave the user feeling sleepy and glued to their couch. Go ahead, puff on some Afghan and get to those chores, as the experience will only result in less stress and greater focus.

Durban Poison

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Okay, this strain doesn’t come from the Hindu Kush mountain range, but it’s still one of our favorites. If you’re looking for a Sativa landrace, look no further; Durban Poison comes from the South African city it was named after. Durban Poison is a prime example of a strain with a relatively high THC content that doesn’t leave you with an overpowering high. Instead, the 20% THC content induces a smooth, relaxing, and cerebral buzz with an energy boost.

This is an ideal strain for artists or anyone who wants to tap into their creative sides. It’s also great for a morning pick-me-up and an alternative to caffeine, which often results in an afternoon crash. Durban Poison slowly wears off, meaning you won’t experience a caffeine-like crash and can continue your tasks without a nap or another hit. But by all means, take a hit if you need it!

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