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Our Full Review Of Delta Extrax Delta 8 Concentrates

Meet our favorite Delta 8 dabs.

When dabbing, you expect to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the flower as separated from the plant material. And the potency of cannabinoids in much higher concentrations than in regular buds. 

Dabbing concentrates is the next level of enjoying the purity of cannabis. Only skillful users with developed tolerance to cannabinoids can do it. And, you deserve to do it with quality and safety.

Delta 8 concentrates are some of the most wanted cannabis products in the market. It is because the effects of Delta 8 THC are more manageable than those of Delta 9 and it is legal to use.

But, it means that there are a lot of irregular vendors selling low-quality products. Thus, it is vital to know where to buy the best quality products that exceed your expectations. And, which are not harmful to your health.

About Delta Extrax

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is a brand that has some of the best Delta 8 THC products, which includes their concentrates. They stand out because they use very few top-quality ingredients.

They use the cleanest terpenes, free of harmful chemicals. And, infuse them in the purest Delta 8 distillate. That is how they create clean and pure concentrates, delivering what the name promises.

Plus, all products are tested by an external lab. That way, you know exactly what you are buying and use it without worrying if it is harmful to your health.

And, it helps the brand know how to keep improving their products for its users. In consequence, they have eared the fidelity of cannabis lovers. This might become your next favorite brand.

Delta 8 Pearls Review

These Delta 8 pearls have the fantastic terpenes and effects of the famous Pineapple Express strain. It is a balanced hybrid strain with a solid taste of pineapple.

It can keep your motivation high during the day while enjoying dominant citrus notes.

Cannabinoid Content

Pearls are precious because they are beautiful. And, these pearls are beautifully packed in cannabinoids.

They have an amazing concentration of 51.26% of Delta 8 THC combined with a generous 38.82% of CBD.

That makes a total of 90.08% of total cannabinoids.

Flavors & Effects

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

Despite having a solid pineapple smell, this concentrate is not that sweet. It has dominant funky and citrus notes that could be hard to take if you are not used to intense flavors.

But, it is not a reason to turn down on it. After a while tastes pleasant, and you can notice woody and spicy undernotes. The complexity of the taste is seductive and stimulating.

Still, this concentrate has a solid smell of pineapple when exhaling. At that moment, you know why it has that name.

In any case, the flavor seems to enhance the effects of the cannabinoids, resulting in a memorable experience.

This concentrate is perfect when you don’t want that mental rush. Instead, you get to chill and stay functional during the day.

The mental effects can help you boost your creativity and focus on completing your tasks. You feel happy and optimistic, which gives you the motivation and energy you need to work on your projects.

Plus, your muscles relax and reduce the tension you usually feel on your back and shoulders. Plus, it helps you be relaxed, but it won’t cause you a couch lock.

Thus, you can dab these pearls any time of the day.

Delta 8 Dabs Review

Tropical Candy Kush dab concentrate comes from the Candy Kush strain. Its tropical fruits flavor and its Indica effects make it a strain that should be on every user’s top list.

Cannabinoid Content

This concentrate has an outstanding Delta 8 THC concentration of 93.32%.

Flavors & Effects

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

This concentrate gives you the taste of tropical with the contrast of the typical sourness of the Kush lineage. The smell has a sweet scent and the reminiscence of tropical fruits.

It is inviting and capable of filling the room and your nose in a burst of pleasure. The vapors release the sour and citrus aromas that you would expect from a Kush strain.

The flavor takes over your tongue and fills your palate. The smooth but turbulent vapor in your mouth caresses your tongue. And, it makes the sweet and sour notes jump on it like fighting to delight your taste.

The exhale has a dominant scent of sourness while it leaves a tingle on your tongue.

You only need one hit of it to feel the super effective calming impact and the blissful vibes it brings. The relaxation is profound and touches your mind and body.

It is the perfect concentrate to use during the evening, after a long day that deserves a reward. It helps you unwind your mind and relax your body to help you sleep.

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