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A Guide To Outdoor Growing: Pots Vs. Ground

Which is the best method for outdoor grows?

It’s finally spring here in Canada, meaning gardening season is right around the corner. If you plan on growing cannabis this year, perhaps for the first time ever, have you chosen where you want to situate your plants?

For more information on growing cannabis indoors, check out this helpful guide we created with everything you need to know.

But for those who don’t have enough room inside to grow cannabis or don’t want to deal with the smell, we decided to answer your questions on which grow method is better for marijuana plants; pots or natural earth.

It’s worth noting that there isn’t much difference when harvest comes around. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both. Keep reading to see which is best for your situation.

Pots: Pros & Cons

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If you want to control how big your plants get, pots are your best bet. By limiting the root growth to however big your pot is, you can conduct your DIY grow operation discreetly that won’t bring unwanted attention.

Another advantage is portability. If you need to move your plants to get the most sunlight possible, you can easily reposition your plants when growing in pots. Finally, you can also purchase a weed-centric potting mix to ensure the roots only interact with the soil of your choice.

However, if you’re looking to grow tall and proud weed plants, pots might not be for you. That’s about the only disadvantage to growing in pots, but if your backyard is a relatively open space, make sure to attach your pots to something that will protect them from thieves stealing your plants. Unfortunately, this happens very often.

Ground: Pros & Cons

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For a more natural and homegrown feel, there’s nothing stopping you from planting your seedlings directly in the soil in your backyard. In doing so, the roots have enough space to flourish and allow your plant to grow as big, tall, and wide as it can. You can also make sure your plants get enough nutrients they need by mixing your natural soil with a weed-centric potting mix.

One of the main cons of growing cannabis directly in the ground is not being able to move your plant into different spots when you need some extra sunlight. Again, if you want to control your plant’s growth, growing in soil isn’t the best, as cannabis plants can grow high and mighty, definitely drawing some attention as they peek over the fence.

Finally, severe storms and harsh weather can also be detrimental to your plant. Planting directly in the soil is sort of an “every man for himself” approach, meaning if a wind storm comes along, you can only hope it won’t snap the stem.

The Best Growing Kit

a Pot for Pot

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If you’re thinking of growing cannabis outdoors in your own small batch, finding the right pots might be a little of a challenge if you are just beginning. That is why products like Mini, Medium, and Large Complete Grow Kits from a Pot for a Pot are the perfect way to start your own small batch at home.

The folks at a Pot for a Pot are passionate farmers and industry veterans that have grown weed for years. We love that their products want to empower people to grow their own medicine and combat the stigma that pot is a difficult plant to grow. So they’ve streamlined the process to start a small personal growth with all the information and secret sauce for the best buds.

Their Medium Complete 5 Gallon Grow Kit can yield up to eight ounces of dried herb, coming from a 3-6 foot plant. This size is perfect if you have a balcony, patio, garden, or even grow tent.

One of the things to look out for is the special formula used in their soil. Their formula has all the vitamins and nutrients your pot needs to have a healthy harvest at home, so you don’t have to worry about anything except following their guide.

Their guide is something we really love, actually. It’s super simple and contains a step-by-step process so you can have your homegrown weed and smoke it in only 80 days, at any time of the year.

As a beginner friendly-kit, we love that you can also select your strains with their included seed coupon. You can then order your seeds separately and actively choose which strains you want to start with.

From a delicious and energetic Sativa, a couch melting-indica, or a social and with lots of laughs hybrid, you can choose your next journey and embrace your green thumb while rolling a joint from your home-grown weed.

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