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Growing In Pots Vs. The Ground, Which Is Better?

Which is the best method for growing cannabis outdoors? Let's find out.

Perhaps this is your first time growing cannabis. If that’s the case, have you chosen where you want to situate your plants?

For more information on growing cannabis indoors, check out this helpful guide we created with everything you need to know. But for those who don’t have enough room inside or don’t want to deal with the smell, we decided to answer your questions on which grow method is better for marijuana plants; pots or natural earth.

It’s worth noting that there isn’t much difference when harvest comes around. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both. Keep reading to see which is best for your situation.

Pots: Pros & Cons

Pots or grow bags are a great choice for gardeners and cultivators. They’re portable, meaning you can change their location if the plants need more access to sunlight or in case of severe weather.

However, thieves may also notice the portable plants and whisk them away in the night. Yes, that’s a worst-case scenario, but I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes (via security cameras).

See below for the pros vs. cons of growing cannabis in pots.

PROS: If you want to control how big your plants get, pots are your best bet. By limiting the root growth to however big your pot is, you can conduct your DIY grow operation discreetly while only growing how much weed you desire.

Another advantage is portability. If you need to move your plants to get the most sunlight possible, you can easily reposition them when using pots. Finally, you can also purchase a weed-centric potting mix to ensure the roots only interact with the soil of your choice.

CONS: If you’re looking to grow tall and proud weed plants, pots might not be for you. Pots limit root growth, which restricts the size of your plant. That’s about the only disadvantage to growing in pots, but if your backyard is a relatively open space, make sure to attach your pots to something that will protect them from thieves stealing your plants. Unfortunately, this happens far too often, even in the safest neighborhoods.

Ground: Pros & Cons

Cannabis grows in the wild in various regions, so why can’t you grow it directly in the soil?

This is another popular way to grow cannabis, which requires no additional pots or bags, just a designated plot of soil ready to grow a potent plant. For the best possible outcome, be sure to mix weed-friendly fertilizer and nutrients into your soil to ensure a strong, healthy plant.

See below for the pros and cons of growing cannabis directly in the soil.

PROS: For a more natural and homegrown feel, there’s nothing stopping you from planting your seedlings directly in the soil in your backyard. In doing so, the roots have enough space to flourish and allow your plant to grow as big, tall, and wide as it can.

CONS: One of the main cons of growing cannabis directly in the ground is not being able to move your plant into different spots when you need some extra sunlight. Again, if you want to control your plant’s growth, growing in soil isn’t the best, as cannabis plants can grow high and mighty, definitely drawing some attention as they peek over the fence.

Finally, severe storms and harsh weather can also be detrimental to your plant. Planting directly in the soil is sort of an “every man for himself” approach, meaning if a wind storm comes along, you can only hope it won’t snap the stem. With pots, you can place them inside a shed or other shelter during severe weather.

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The Verdict: Pots Or Ground?

The beautiful thing about growing cannabis is that you can tailor your environment to produce plants to your liking.

If you prefer big, bushy, and bulky plants that grow to your wildest dreams, the ground is your best bet. Just make sure to mix some cannabis-friendly fertilizer and nutrients into the soil so it grows to perfection.

On the other hand, if you have limited space and desire a more controlled grow, opt for pots. Because the root growth is limited, the plant’s growth won’t get out of hand. Also, limiting the root growth forces more energy into the flowers, meaning more flavors, aromas, and potencies.

So, the question remains, which do you prefer?

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