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Learn | 05.15.2023

PAX’s Flower Pucks Will Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience

PAX, the renamed vaping brand, is now making infused flower pucks.

Buds have been around for ages. Probably big pyramid builders were high on ancient cannabis buds. And smoking flower is nowadays the most common way to enjoy cannabis, even when there are so many new edibles, vape carts, and many high-tech devices.

PAX’s talented team came up with a new way to smoke in the form of PAX pucks.

They infuse premium-quality flowers with full-melt water hash and put them under pressure. The result is a compacted flower with enhanced potency, divided into perfect-sized servings ready to smoke.

PAX Infused Flower Pucks

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PAX Infused Flower Pucks are ready-to-use servings of top-shelf cannabis.

These compacted buds make it easy to carry them and decide how much you want to smoke. And don’t worry about the airflow. The consistency of these pucks allows your weed to burn evenly, and you can take smoke without effort.

PAX Infused Flower Pucks are soft to the touch but are not vulnerable to transportation. The incredible packaging prevents them from crushing. Every tin has eight pucks that come individually sealed so they don’t stick to each other. This way, you only need to take one out and tap it gently.

PAX Infused Flower Pucks Strains

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa flower featuring an astonishing 42% of THC content. So, it delivers a heavy psychoactive punch while you feel an explosive burst of energy running from your spine to your limbs.

This strain is an excellent wake-and-bake to start your day with blissfulness and optimism by smoking sweet and flavorful Blue Dream Pucks.

Lemon Sour Diesel

The Lemon Sour Diesel is a hardcore Sativa with an unparalleled 43% THC content. This strain is fantastic to smoke when going outdoors or doing exercise because of its pain-reducing and energizing effects. Once you smoke it, you feel ready to take the world.

You will love the Lemon Sour Diesel if you like spicy and citrus flavors in your weed.

OG Kush

The classic OG Kush pucks offer the best of this dear Indica strain with 39% of THC and the unmistakable terpenes profile that combines the flavor of lemon with robust notes of pine.

Regardless of how hard it was, smoking an OG Kush puck during the evening makes your whole day worth it. After all, these pucks hit harder than the heaviness of the day.

Ice Cream Cake

The Ice Cream Cake strain is a favorite among Indica enthusiasts and sweet flavor lovers. These pucks contain 42% THC, which makes them products for connoisseurs.

Besides, it produces a dreamy state of relaxation while enjoying the mouthwatering notes of vanilla in its terpenes profile. This strain is easier to smoke for users who don’t like bitter flavors.


The Gelato variety is always a great choice to smoke, thanks to its captivating sugary flavor and hybrid effects. You can smoke these pucks that contain 40 % of THC any time to sweeten your day.

These pucks produce an early stage of euphoria that then fades into a chilling mood, putting your mind and body at ease without sedating you.

Chem Dogs

Chem Dogs is the hybrid strain for those who love pungent flavors. With 39% of THC content and distinct notes of diesel, this variety promises to fuel your most memorable sessions.

When smoking Chem Dogs, all foggy thoughts disappear, finding blissfulness and peace while it takes you to happy places.


PAX Infused Flower Pucks are welcoming to a new moment in the cannabis industry, thanks to their portability and because they don’t need any preparations to smoke. The full-melt water hash not only potentiates the effects of cannabinoids but also doesn’t interfere with the flavor or aroma.

The pucks are versatile, and you can use them with your favorite pipe, bong, and joints. And as a pro tip, they pair perfectly with PAX devices.

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