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Piece Water Solution: The All-Natural Bong Water Alternative For Cleaner, Smoother Smoke

This bong water alternative stops resin from forming and traps smoke particulate matter for more enjoyable rips.

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving. Along with it are cannabis consumers. It’s no secret that consumers are continually looking to elevate their sessions, be it with a new, cutting-edge device or with a cleaner, healthier alternative.

However, there’s one particular consumer that might be putting themselves in danger when it comes to their health: bong users. The dangers of smoking from dirty bongs with swampy water aren’t talked about enough. From the hazards and risks of biofilms to the buildup of resin that requires a heavy chemical solution, bong users must go to great lengths to keep their piece clean.

We need more evolution in the realm of bongs, an alternative to water that stops the formation of resin, traps smoke particulate matter, and creates a cleaner smoking experience. That sounded like something out of a weed-friendly fairytale until Piece Water entered the scene.

About Piece Water

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There are two types of bong users:

  • Ones that clean their piece frequently
  • Others that smoke from a swamp

Whichever consumer you are, Piece Water has a solution for you…literally. The brand’s Piece Water Solution is an all-natural bong water alternative designed to help you experience more enjoyable sessions.

Imagine if every bong rip was a clean hit. By using Piece Water Solution, that dream isn’t so far off. This solution stops the formation of resin in its tracks, with help from mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. It also traps smoke particulate matter to ensure each hit isn’t only cleaner but smoother and more gentle on the throat and lungs.

Piece Water Solution doesn’t just keep your bong clean, but it lets you have a whole new appreciation for your glass and your consumption routine. By removing the hassle of dirty bongs, Piece Water is making lives easier and better. It’s that simple.

Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, Piece Water asks that you return the unused portion of your solution for a refund. This is happiness guaranteed.

Why You Need It

Piece Water Solution is the solution to a long list of problems. It’s changing the game for bong users everywhere, thanks to an all-natural bong water alternative designed to elevate each and every session.

Smooth Smoke: Bong users love their glass for the reason of providing extra filtration while cooling the smoke with water. Piece Water Solution traps smoke particulate matter for maximum filtration, ensuring your hits remain as smooth as satin.

Better Flavor: By trapping smoke particulate matter, Piece Water Solution promotes the true, intended flavor of your herb. Plus, without the buildup of resin, you’re practically guaranteed a delicious rip.

Glass Appreciation: Not only will your glass look better, but it will function to its best abilities. There’s no denying that a clean bong is aesthetically pleasing, especially when watching the cloudy smoke travel from the bowl piece through the water and up the neck. More importantly, a clean bong functions to its maximum potential. Piece Water Solution lets you experience your favorite glass how it was intended.

Protect Your Art

Photo courtesy of Piece Water

Bongs are art. While some are more visually appealing and unique than others, we all take pride in our favorite glass please that delivers our sacred smoke while leading us to relaxation. If you adore your piece and see it as art, it’s time to treat it as such.

Piece Water is proud to help consumers appreciate their glass, its aesthetics, and its functions with an all-natural bong water alternative. By avoiding resin buildup and trapping smoke particulate matter, your bong can look and feel its best with every single hit.

Ready to experience the best of your bong? For more information about Piece Water, visit their website at piecewater.com.

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