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PLUS Mints Review: Cool Breath With A Happy Buzz

Refreshing your breath has never been so fun.

Photo courtesy of PLUS

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In a world that is creating products for the ever-evolving taste of its consumers, PLUS has created trustable, low-dose edible mints that provide those feel-good effects without the potency of a higher milligram gummy. Edibles are their love language, after all.

Let’s see what they’re all about.


Classic Balance Mints

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About PLUS

Based out of Adelanto, Ca., and headquartered in San Mateo, PLUS Products has been on a roll of creating flavor-packed edibles that appeal to everyone, from the mother unwinding after a long day to the post-grad wiz-kid needing a boost.

“Mints are a logical extension to the PLUS Product family as more customers seek out unique taste experiences and low-dose products they trust”, reads an explanation on the PLUS website.

If you’re out to explore more options, they also carry a line of strain-specific gummies and Hash gummies.

PLUS Mints Review

PLUS’s classic mint-flavored tin is refreshing and delicious, with a bit of a kick to get your day started or ended on the right foot. In the growing community of micro-doses, they come as a welcome product that fits right into the piece of the puzzle that their consumption habits require. 

THC candy has been around for a while, but these new ways to explore edibles are warmly welcomed to legal weed-lovers. The owner of the iconic Moe Greens dispensary in San Francisco said about why they carry the mints: “Everything that comes out of the PLUS house is superb, high quality, and we trust the brand enough to continue to sell it to our customers”.

There’s a reason why PLUS can consistently deliver high-quality products: they take their job seriously. Not only is everything lovingly created at their factory, their merchandise is also not checked once, not checked twice – but four times: two times internally and twice by an external lab, ensuring the quality will be up to its highest standards.

PLUS Mints Dosage

Photo courtesy of PLUS

As more people add cannabis to their healthy lifestyle, these mints are a great way to wind down or to be uplifted. They’re dosed at a comfy 2.5 mg of THC and less than 0.1 mg of CBD, with forty mints a tin available in your favorite: sativa, indica, or hybrid. 

Their mission of making cannabis safe and approachable begins with their journey to consistently deliver the best low-dose mints money can buy.

Delivering consistent experiences is the goal, achieved by PLUS’s many different ways to experience micro dosage without sacrificing flavor and adventure.

PLUS Mints Strains

Classic Balance Mints

Just like its product siblings, these classically minty candies are a way to jump-start creativity to get work done or just to enjoy your day a little bit more.

With its low dosage that packs a punch in a relaxing and uplifting way, they are great for when you’re on the go or just settling in. 

Black Cherry Mints

You just can’t go wrong with anything that’s cherry-flavored, if we’re being honest. Tart and refreshing, these PLUS Black Cherry mints are also low-dose and deliver peace of mind.

The 9:1 ratio of THC to CBD is great for unwinding, especially when life seems to have you running in every direction. 

Orange Uplift Mints

These sativa-infused mints live up to their name: they’re uplifting. Pop one to feel energized and lifts your mood, or build the high by taking another.

The mild buzz is balanced between a relaxed demeanor and clearing of the mind, making for a great option for those sunny beach days or a light picnic at the park. It’s said to bring on a euphoric and focused state of mind.

October 08, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
October 08, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
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