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11 Rarest Weed Strains On Earth Right Now

This mix of 11 rarest weed strains spans different decades and traverses borders. These buds are difficult to find and many are sorely missed.

Feb 11, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

The world of cannabis strains is rapidly evolving. Even strains that were once essential for breeding and hybridization are becoming rare commodities. Some strains are rare because they are landrace strains and are specific to a certain environment. Other strains, like Bruce Banner, are rare because are highly coveted and can be difficult to come across. More still are rare simply because demand has shifted toward more potent, modern hybrids. Still, rare cannabis strains need love too. Here are the 11 rarest weed strains on earth right now.

1. Malawi Gold

11 Rarest Weed 1 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Malawi Gold is fabled to be one of the rarest cannabis strains in the world. This pure sativa cannot be found outside of its native region, and even countries just a short distance to the south have their own distinct cannabis varieties.

This strain is coveted for it’s extremely large, dense buds. The flowers on Malawi Gold are fabled to reach as high as 60 cm (about two feet), and they have an intoxicating sweet and spicy aroma. However, harvest time can be as late as 120 days after sprouting.

2. Lamb’s Breath

11 Rarest Weed 2 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Also known as Lamb’s Bread, this strain is a Jamaican classic. Thought to be the favorite of iconic cannabis activist and artist Bob Marley, Lamb’s Breath is a quick sativa with clear-headed effects. This strain is lively and makes a great choice for a wake ‘n bake.

Featuring a woody, citrus, and mango-like aroma, Lamb’s Breath is an intoxicating flower that can produce a surprising amount of THC. In some samples, Lamb’s Breath has reached upwards of 22%. However, many Jamaican strains weigh in at the 10 to 16% range.

3. Idukki Gold

11 Rarest Weed 3 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Idukki Gold is a cherished 80% landrace strain from the state of Kerala. While other strains indigenous to India often feature about 5% THC, Idukki Gold produces an average of 8% of the psychoactive. These numbers may be small in today’s hybrid cannabis climate, Idukki Gold makes some excellent hash.

According to a report in India Times, the strain is endangered due to police crackdowns near the border regions where many growers illegally cultivate the crop. Crackdowns have caused growers to leave Kerala and travel to different locations, with different growing conditions and different strains.

4. Puna Budder

11 Rarest Weed 4 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Popular in the 70s, this strain is now extremely difficult to find. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid cross of Afghani and Hawaiian strains. Afghani is pure indica while Hawaiian strains are of sativa origin. As a result, Puna Budder produces a strong and balanced high that lasts and lasts.

Puna Budder has a sweet, earthy grape aroma with hints of brown sugar and nut. This strain is also not light on THC, which can rise over 20%. Good luck finding this skunky herb, however. A few samples of this bud may be floating around California, but this strain is otherwise gone. Those who have it certainly have something special on their hands.

5. Hindu Kush

11 Rarest Weed 5 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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This strain is a cannabis legend. But, it’s not easy to find in dispensaries, coffee shops, or social clubs. Rather than keep old reliable Hindu Kush around, many customers prefer the more designer or boutique hybrids which feature soaring amounts of THC.

However, Hindu Kush remains a favorite among many. While not impossible to find, Hindu Kush is a trusted strain on the fringe of falling out of fashion. 100% indica, Hindu Kush is powerful enough to send you right to sleep after a long day.

6. Neville’s Haze

11 Rarest Weed 6 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Neville’s Haze seeds are readily available from Green House Seeds. However, it’s rare to find this strain anywhere outside of a homegrown or private collection. Nowadays, Kush strains dominate dispensary menus. While Haze’s are more readily available in Europe, North American cannabis shops are filled with Kushes and chic hybrids.

Neville’s Haze is a classic sativa that produces a euphoric, tantalizing, and dreamy high. An almost pure Haze, this strain has a strong psychedelic effect that can border on meditative or philosophical. However, finding this thoughtful bud in a sea of jolly, fruit-scented flowers can be tricky.

7. Chronic

11 Rarest Weed 7 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Chronic was hot in the 1990s after being made famous by legendary rapper Dr. Dre, but now this strain is seemingly nowhere to be found. While a few dispensaries and coffee shops may still offer the herb every once in a while, people aren’t as crazy about this strain as they used to be.

As a result, what was once high-fashion two decades ago risks falling almost completely out of favor. A cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, this hybrid was known to be some supremely high-quality stuff. Calming yet potent, Chronic provides a heavy-bodied high that relieves pain and a euphoric, upbeat attitude.

8. Panama Red

11 Rarest Weed 8 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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There’s some Panama Red hovering around the Pacific Northwest, but this favorite sativa is becoming quite difficult to find. Panama Red was popular in the 1960s and is another pure sativa that has been replaced by newer hybrids.

The experience from this strain is all energy. It’s dreamy, mind-altering effects are almost psychedelic, promoting thoughtfulness and introspection.

9. Colombian Gold

11 Rarest Weed 9 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Colombian Gold revolutionized the cannabis scene back in the 1960s. While many people were smoking leaves and stems, Colombian Gold buds were fresh, healthy, and beautiful. Zippy and energizing, this classic sativa provides a powerful cerebral high.

This strain has a reputation for glowing with golden trichomes, and it features a deliciously skunky earth aroma. Unfortunately, Colombian Gold is a strain that many millennial consumers may never experience.  Those that come across this strain should definitely give it a try.

10. Fruity Pebbles OG

11 Rarest Weed 10 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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A true Fruity Pebbles OG is hard to find. Alien Genetics only released a limited number of seeds, some of which were rumored to have sold for upwards of $1000 per pack.

A cross between Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon, and Tahoe Alien, Fruity Pebbles OG produces beautiful multi-colored buds and a deep physical high. Fruity Pebbles OG isn’t all body, however. This hybrid has a lively and focused mental side as well.

11. Bruce Banner

11 Rarest Weed 11 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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One of the strongest strains in the world, Bruce Banner is difficult to come by. In some tests, Bruce Banner #3 has reached over 30% THC. Thought to be a sativa-dominant cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Sour Diesel, this strain is becoming increasingly easier to find now that the demand is so high.

However, coming across Bruce Banner in a dispensary or coffee shop will cost you a pretty penny. If you do manage to track down some Bruce Banner stock, this strain tends to sell out quickly.

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There are many cannabis strains threatened by trade and hybridization. For more information on rare strains, check out an earlier list here.

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