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Reviewing The Blends & Terpene Profiles In Indacloud’s Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes

Looking for new sensations? Try the new cannabinoids in Indacloud's Psychedelic Series.

We all deserve to feel great. Living a quality life that’s unbothered by mental and physical pain can seem almost impossible to achieve. Here’s a brand that’s eager to help elevate your well-being.

Indicacloud is on a mission to provide consumers with pleasant and safe experiences that bring out your desired outcome every time. Whether it’s solo time on the couch, laughing with friends, or getting a good night’s sleep. If you seek reprieve from the heaviness of reality, find it with Indacloud’s products.

One particular exceptional offering is their Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes. Learn more about these potent disposables below.

Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes

The Indacloud Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes contains 2000mg of a cannabinoid blend that promises incredible psychoactive effects. That’s because these cannabinoids are rare and exceptionally potent. Let me introduce you to THC-B, THC-H, Delta 6 THC, Delta 9 THC-O, and PHC.

If you know these cannabinoids, you are a true connoisseur. If not, you are about to become one after a few hits of Indacloud’s Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes. Even a single puff promises to send you far away from reality to a more exciting place due to the combined action of these psychoactive compounds.

But there’s more than cannabinoids. When vaping on Indacloud’s Psychedelic Series Disposable Vapes, the flavorful and memorable terpenes have a dance party on your tongue. Check out the delicious flavors offered below.

Electric Kool-Aid

The Electric Kool-Aid offers a balanced Hybrid terpene profile with a sweet flavor combination reminiscent of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut. That sounds like a mouthwatering cocktail that transports you to a tropical vacation.

Vaping the Electric Kool-Aid Disposable Vape eases your mind and body without couch-lock effects or making you lose focus. The effects are uplifting while keeping you in a chill mood. This vape is an excellent choice to use any time of the day when you need a recharge of good vibes.

Orange Sunshine

Do you remember the good times of the 1960s? Neither do we. But, the high from the Orange Sunshine feels like living in the music, pictures, and tales we have from those unique years. This exotic Sativa feels psychedelic enough to make our stoner predecessors proud.

The name of the terpene profile delivers exactly what it says. The Orange Sunshine has robust citrus notes and fruity undertones that taste like orange juice. You can almost feel the fruity liquid running down your throat when vaping this disposable.


Snozzberries is a hardcore Indica with a delicious terpene profile that’s ready to help you relax. Every puff is a heavy punch that leaves you on the couch. This vape produces the true definition of couch-lock. Thus, Snozzberries is a fantastic option during the evening or at night before bed.

The Snozzberries disposable vape has a dominant taste of berries with notes of ripe grapes. On the exhale, you can sense a spicy after-taste with a tingly sensation on the tip of your tongue.


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Having trouble choosing between the three spectacular flavors and experiences noted above? You can also buy a bundle that offers all of the cannabinoid blends and terpene profiles noted above while helping you save money. This bundle is the most popular offer at Indacloud. It lets you save more than 30% on each disposable vape. What’s better than that? Save 20% with codeword “HerbCloud”

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