Seedo Will Automatically Grow Perfect Weed For You
Learn | 08.13.2019

Seedo Will Automatically Grow Perfect Weed For You

Sleek, secure, and practically sentient, say hello to the most advanced grow system in the world: Seedo. Pre-order yours now.

It used to be that to grow quality cannabis at home required a lot of work. Understanding nutrient needs, electrical systems, and potential problems require almost as much studying as college entrance exams. But the latest state-of-the-art system gives even novices the tools to grow their own cannabis at home perfectly every time. Forget the boxes and buckets, grow tents and tedious training. Instead, say hello to Seedo.

Cannabis at the push of a button

Cannabis at the push of a button with seedo

The goal of advanced technology is to make life easier. For cannabis lovers around the world, a company named Seedo has done just that. No more complicated wiring of lights, no more constant pest control, and no more mistakes with nutrients. The most advanced grow system on the planet has arrived.

Its sleek design blends into the corner of any home with ease. In fact, the Seedo unit is so quiet and self-sustaining, it could almost be forgotten until it sends a message that it’s ready to harvest.

Growing at home, even in so-called “low maintenance” grow systems has still had its drawbacks. Every cannabis grower knows that as indoor cannabis grows, lights need to be adjusted for optimal results.

Seedo engineers solved this dilemma by creating a patent-pending LED Grow Light adjustment system. The Seedo system measures the plants as they grow, and moves the lights for you. From planting to harvest, the door never has to be opened. Plants always get the perfect canopy distance.

The entire system is designed to stay sealed. Hermetically sealed. That means not even a whiff of this innocuous grow systems contents will ever be noticeable. Built-in CO2 canisters provide the ultimate air atmosphere that supercharges the photosynthesis process air going in, and carbon scrubbers clean the odor right back out.

No more mistakes


Even first-time growers can achieve success when the system does all the work. Simply plant the seed or clone, and pick a proven growth strategy based on the specific strains needs, right from the smartphone app. Nutrients, light cycles, watering, pH, water and air temperatures, and humidity all adjust automatically.

Every potential problem is handled for the user. Even power outages are no match for the Seedo, as it stores enough energy to continue operation for up to 12 hours without a power source.

Monitoring the health and progress of plants is easy with a smartphone app like no other. HD live streaming internal cameras give growers a constant eye in the box, while the security feature keeps the door locked unless the app is used to open it. Prying eyes and pests couldn’t get in even if they wanted to, eliminating security concerns as well as the need for pesticides. Seedo means quality cannabis; nothing more and nothing less.

Indoor grows require extreme cleanliness, and that’s why Seedo incorporated an automatic self-cleaning program. That means plants stay safe and healthy, no matter what the world outside it looks like. The yield for the Seedo Grow box is surprising, with a capacity to grow up to five plants producing up to 200G of dried cannabis in a 3-month cycle.

Pre-order your Seedo now

Pre-order your Seedo now

Seedo doesn’t stop when harvest time comes, either. The system also dries and cures cannabis with professional precision, giving just the right amount of heat and moisture for an even, perfect curing regimen.

All it takes to setup is a wall outlet, a water tap, and a smartphone. The unit can even run without a water source, only requiring the user to add water twice during the grow cycle.

Seedo means quality cannabis, without lifting a finger (okay, one finger). No experience necessary. Get nothing less than perfect plants, every time.

It’s time to take it easy by making it easy. Pre-order your Seedo now!

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