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Learn | 01.20.2022

10 Things To Do If You’re Trying Weed For The First Time

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Trying weed for the first time can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. But in reality, it’s not as bad as what you may have heard.

Not only does the herb chill you out, but it also comes with numerous amounts of benefits. And it’s never killed anyone, so how terrible can it be?

The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. While it’s completely normal to feel nervous, just know that people have been lighting up for centuries, and they once had no clue what they were doing.

To ensure your experience goes smoothly, check out this guide we made in collaboration with Cannabis Life, with ten things to do if you’re trying weed for the first time.

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Chill Out

smoking tips for a better high

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The worst thing you can do while smoking pot for the first time is freak out. Not only will it cause unnecessary paranoia, but it will also make you never want to touch the herb again.

If you relax and go with the flow, then you’ll quickly realize that there’s no reason to be nervous.

Before you know it, you’ll feel amazing and wonder why you were freaking out in the first place.

Get High With Your Buds

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No one should ever spend their first experience with weed alone. Your best bet is to share this special moment with your more experienced pals. That way, they can show you how it’s done.

Pick Out An Excellent Comedy

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From Superbad to Friday, you can’t go wrong with watching a comedy while you’re high as a kite. Even the most stupid ones will make you laugh your ass off.

Listen To Music

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In case you start overthinking your entire experience with Mary Jane, just turn on some music. When you’re high, listening to music makes for a great distraction. Plus, it sounds way better while you’re stoned

Keep More Than One Device Nearby

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Since it’s your first time smoking weed, it’s hard to say which method will work best for you. Rather than sticking to just a pipe, grab some joint papers, too. Or, maybe even a bong. That way, if one fails you, then you can try another.

Stock Up On Food, And Lots Of It

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After your first smoke session, you’re going to be unbelievably ravenous. Make sure you have lots and lots of snacks. The munchies are no joke.

Take It Slow

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You have no idea how to even smoke, let alone how much weed it will take to get you high. For this reason, it’s best to take it one hit at a time. Once you start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that’s when you know you’ve reached cloud nine.

Use Eye Drops

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Not everyone gets red eyes after smoking weed. But just in case, keep some eye drops around if you don’t want to look too terribly baked.

Act Cool

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Smoking weed isn’t that big of a deal. Just act natural and have fun. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

Learn More About What You’re Using

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Just because you’ve never smoked weed before doesn’t mean you can’t learn about the plant before hand. Research the benefits, different types of strains, and whatever else you may want to know.

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