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Tank Glass, Not Just Glass: See The Brand’s Unbreakable Metal Accessories

Indestructible downstems and bowl pieces are every bong user's dream. Get yours now.

We’ve all been there before. Accidentally breaking your bowl piece or downstem moments before a hit is a different kind of pain that bong users know all too well. 

What if we told you there was a way to avoid the chaos and never break your accessories again? Enter Tank Glass, the maker of ultra-thick glass bongs and durable accessories that eliminate the worry of breaking your essentials. Although glass is their specialty, Tank Glass also designs unbreakable metal bowl pieces and downstems with premium materials that elevate your sessions time and again. 

See below for more information about Tank Glass, their glass offerings, and an in-depth look into the brand’s celebrated metal accessories. 

About Tank Glass

Tank Glass is happy to supply you with the last bong you’ll ever need. This brand is proud to produce the most durable pieces on the market, hand-crafted in Los Angeles with mighty thick, class-A non-float certified glass and a reinforced base for an eternal life expectancy. 

Tank Glass is certain their bongs will last a lifetime, certain enough to offer a Tank Lifetime Warranty with every purchase. The brand’s experienced team of designers and glassblowers work together to bring new, sleek, innovative, and durable products to your sessions. 

Tank Glass is celebrated for their thick glass pieces, like the classic Original Tank Beaker Bundle – 12 Inch, boasting American blown 9mm reinforced glass and an uber thick tank joint. Find the exact same quality but in a straight-tube design with the brand’s Tank Straight Tube Bundle – 12 Inch.

Although Tank Glass is praised for their unmatched and durable glass selection, it shouldn’t surprise you that the brand also carries metal accessories and pieces. After all, Tank Glass is all about durability, so they designed metal bowl pieces and downstems for maximum quality you can rely on every session.

Tank Glass, Not Just Glass

Traditional glass bongs do wonders for a session. They maintain the flavors and aromas of your herb and provide clean air paths from smooth, potent hits.

However, not all bong accessories have to be glass. Chances are, you’ve experienced your fair share of broken downstems and bowl pieces, which conveniently seem to break right before a hit.

Bong users shouldn’t have to worry about the fragile state of their downstem and bowl piece. Luckily, Tank Glass offers metal bong accessories that don’t compromise the quality of your session but do change the game for bong users everywhere.

TANK Tactical Metal Bowl

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Meet the world’s best indestructible bowl piece, the TANK Tactical Metal Bowl. Whether you’re a clumsy stoner or smoke with one, this metal bowl piece from Tank Glass eliminates the worry of your piece breaking and comes with a Tank Glass Lifetime Warranty. 

It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an easy-to-clean, smooth matte non-stick finish. Scrubbing any tough stains is easier than ever. This bowl fits perfectly into all Tank Glass products while the food-grade materials maintain the aromas, flavors, and quality of your herb. Get yours today and say goodbye to not-so-happy accidents.

TANK Adjustable Metal Downstem

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It doesn’t get much better than an unbreakable downstem. The TANK Adjustable Metal Downstem from Tank Glass is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and fits perfectly into all Tank Glass products. It’s adjustable to your bong’s unique size and fits into both 14mm and 18mm joints. 

The powerful multi-hole diffusion and built-in perc quickly diffuse your smoke for smooth, clean rips. It boasts a sleek non-stick finish for easy cleaning and comes with an 18/18mm joint and 18/14mm low pro adapter. Backed by the Tank Glass Lifetime Warranty, this is the last downstem you’ll ever need. 

For more products and information about Tank Glass, visit their website at

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