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Learn | 01.27.2022

The Glassware Every Rick & Morty Fan Needs

“Sometimes science is more art than science.” — Rick Sanchez.

Pipes are the stoner’s opportunity to flash style and fashion, as such the market is full of different types of glass pieces that look and feel incredible.

Rick & Morty is a trippy, fun, controversial series that has inspired many to create merch, and the glass pieces you can find are dope!

Take a look at these three pipes Rick & Morty fans will love! Maybe you’re looking for a novelty pipe for your own, or a good piece of glass to give to your friends, either way, these bad boys are sick. 

Pickle Pipe

This Empire Glassworks Scary Terry Pickle Pipe is a Rick & Morty fan’s favorite!

This five-inch pipe is handcrafted in California, and it is a true beauty that will undoubtedly transport you to the Pickle Rick episode.

The dark green, long spoon pipe has a deep bowl that will allow you to pack a decent amount of herb for smooth and powerful hits.

The body of the pipe has textured glass bumps that will give the user a better grip and comfortable hold while using.

The borosilicate glass pipe is tough and looks incredible, you would believe you’re smoking Rick’s brain out. This piece has a carb hole on the left side for you to have more control of the session. 

Mr. Meeseeks Pipe

The Chameleon Glass Meeseeks Pipe has a very traditional, yet oddly charming, approach that allows the user to create thick clouds of smoke as if assisted by Mr. Meeseeks himself.

The traditional spoon shape is four inches long and made with durable boro glass. 

This pipe is a great addition for all Rick & Morty fans alike. The pipe has a big head that has a large bowl with the face of Mr. Meeseeks and his wide characteristic grin.

There’s a carburation hole on the left side of the bowl and the mouthpiece has a very comfortable shape for you to take smooth, powerful hits.

Plumbus Pipe

Every Rick & Morty fan has seen the episode where we see how plumbuses are made, however, this specific plumbus is made with extra fleeb in order to produce thick, potent, smooth smoke for your sessions.

The Empire Glassworks Plumbus Pipe looks just like the plumbus seen on the show, so your friends are in for a good giggle or two. 

This pipe is everything but traditional, the unique shape and features resemble the device that we saw on Rick & Morty, but fortunately, we know what this one is for.

The bowl is located on the Plumbus’ side and it features a front carburetor hole. The top and bottom of the pumbus has decorative pieces that look great but serve no purpose.

The mouthpiece is covered in glass beads that may require some practice so you don’t mix in unnecessary air but look just like the real thing.

This five-inch pipe may not be fit for moving around a lot as it has some pieces that may break easily, so maybe take that into consideration when purchasing. 

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