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The Science Behind Why Weed Makes Sex Feel That Much Better

Here are a few scientific reasons as to why weed makes sex feel that much better.

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It’s known that cannabis is an aphrodisiac, but how exactly does it help us perform in the bedroom? Thanks to a few knowledgeable cannabis industry veterans, we’ve taken a scientific look at how weed makes sex feel better.

“One of the biggest barriers to enjoying an intimate moment with either a partner or even yourself is truly being present in that moment,” says cannabis connoisseur and Head Buyer at Los Angeles’ Sweet Flower, Michelle Mendoza.


“We are talking no distractions, a complete stripping down of the senses and total relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit. Cannabis has the ability to induce deep relaxation of the mind and body while also stimulating those creative thoughts and energies that lead to a heightened sense of pleasure for many.”

Mendoza followed by saying that marijuana’s neurological and biological benefits are primarily found in the bud’s terpene and cannabinoid content.

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Ever wonder why your heart beats faster after smoking or ingesting weed? That’s because cannabis is also a vasodilator, which increases blood flow throughout the body—leading to an increased heart rate and making the sensitive parts of our body even more sensually aware.

Since California is well ahead of many other states regarding cannabis use and legalization, take advantage of this and explore weed in the bedroom alongside the countless positives the experience can bring.

October 11, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
October 11, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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