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Photo courtesy of High Five

Learn | 04.28.2022

The Smartest Wireless E-Rig On The Market, The DUO

High Five invites you to elevate your vaporizing experience with its industry-leading DUO, the smartest wireless e-rig.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce consumers to the industry-leading vaporizer from High Five, the DUO. There’s so much excitement around this handheld/desktop vaporizer, and after one simple toke, you’ll understand why.

We urge you not to miss out on the industry’s smartest wireless e-rig from High Five. From customizable LED lights and precise heating to portability and functionality, here’s what we have to say about this user-friendly, state-of-the-art device.

About High Five

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Photo courtesy of High Five

High Five strives to be the leading retailer for quality e-nails, e-rigs, vape pens, and much more.

The company is quickly making that mission a reality through each innovative product that leaves consumers impressed with consistent quality, usability, and visual aesthetics. 

High Five is happy to inform consumers that it designs, develops, and produces many of the products it sells, meaning if it’s on the website available to purchase, you can trust that the keen experts at High Five would use it themselves.

The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a vaporizer can be, and a perfect example is its DUO e-rig.

What Is An E-Rig?

One of High Five’s flagship products is its neat and futuristic DUO, a stylish, electronic, and innovative take on classic dab rigs.

An e-rig is an electronic device used to dab cannabis concentrates, like your regular glass rig but with a battery or wired plug-in feature. This electronic element allows for quick and easy heating, removing the need for a torch or flame altogether.

A premium quality e-rig will contain a chamber for water that acts as a bong or dab rig, allowing for the smoothest and coolest hits with the click of a button.

What Makes The DUO The Smartest Wireless E-Rig?

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Photo courtesy of High Five

For starters, the DUO’s wireless body allows you to take this portable device anywhere, and its handheld design lets you easily pack it away for your next adventure.

Besides its physical look, the DUO is a revolutionary vaporizer that was designed to vaporize both concentrates and dried flower. High Five is currently creating a separate attachable atomizer for vaping dry herb, expected to launch later this year.

The DUO offers a similar desktop vaporizer look but is small enough to fit on a side table in your sesh space as a modern, conversation-starting centerpiece. 

If your space is decked out with colorful LED lights, you can customize your device’s LED lights to match the vibe perfectly.

Inside the DUO is a rechargeable battery pack that runs for far longer than your usual e-rigs on the market. One of the best things about this nifty gadget is the pass-through charging feature that lets you plug in the USB-C wire and use the DUO simultaneously…no more waiting for it to reach full charge to take a hit.

There are absolutely no pre-set temperatures with the DUO, meaning you have all the freedom to explore which temperature range is ideal for you and your concentrate.

The digital display not only lets you change the temperature but also allows you to control how long each session is. Once the rig is heated to your customized temperature, the helpful haptic feedback notifies you when it’s time to start toking.

Final Thoughts

We can honestly say the DUO from High Five isn’t just for the seasoned cannabis connoisseur looking to spice up their seshes. The device’s easy usability is perfect for novice users looking for fun and friendly ways to vape solo or with friends.

Elevating your vaporizing experiences should never be a difficult feat, and High Five’s DUO, the industry’s smartest wireless e-rig, is a prime example of how effortless and welcoming an electronic rig can be.

Finally, for anyone who desires a device that’s unparalleled to the many desktop and handheld vaporizers on the market, we urge you to experience High Five’s DUO and never look back. 

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