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The Top 5 Most Overrated Stoner Tools

Join us as we savagely tear apart some of the most overrated creations in the industry.

Herb is on a mission to help elevate your cannabis experience. We take pride in connecting you with products that make a difference.

You’ve seen our favorite products and heard our explanations for why we love them. But what about the products we don’t really like? You’re entitled to know that too.

After all, knowing what to avoid is just as beneficial as knowing what to buy. Without further ado, here are 5 overrated stoner tools and products you’d probably be better off without.

Joint Rollers

Just learn how to roll a joint! It’s pretty easy. While learning how to roll a joint takes some trial and error, no one rolling pinners with small joint rollers will be taken seriously.

I know far too many stoners with joint rollers, and personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead with one. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great for beginners learning how to roll. But for the daily weed smoker who calls themself a connoisseur, joint rollers are a big no.

510 Vape Battery Pens

Many 510 vape batteries are far better than skinny pens. These pens, which only have one button (or no buttons at all), only have one temperature setting. Plus, they’re cheap, and they tend to malfunction more than any other weed accessory.

Of course, there are some pens with varying temperature settings and better hardware, but if you truly want to make the most of your cartridge, opt for a high-quality 510 battery that displays heat settings, how long your draw is, etc. It makes a huge difference with each hit.

Mason Jars

Many stoners stash their buds in a mason jar. Storing your stash in a jar is a great choice, as it preserves the flavor, potency, and quality of your flower for longer periods of time.

However, mason jars aren’t the greatest option. The main drawback is their transparent glass, which provides no shielding or protection from harmful UV rays. If cannabis flower is sitting in bright light for too long, the cannabinoid content degrades.

Solve this by ensuring you store your stash in a dark place or opt for a stash jar that’s not transparent.

Filter Tips

I’m 50/50 on this one. For starters, purchasing a small pack of joint filter tips is great for the stoner learning to roll joints. They provide you with an easy way to roll and shape your joint.

However, there are a handful of stoners that would never roll their joints with filters. On the other hand, some smokers who prefer filters don’t want to spend extra cash on filters when they can make one from old magazines, business cards, etc.

Personally, I think filter tips were just another way to grab quick cash from consumers. Unless you’re a beginner learning to roll, save some cash and make a filter at home.

Gigantic Bongs

I may get in hot water for this one. What’s your experience like with big bongs like? Here’s mine:

  • They fall over and break too easily
  • They take up too much space
  • They drown flavors
  • They’re expensive
  • They’re not portable
  • They’re hard to clean

The only benefit I can think of regarding big bongs is a smoother hit, considering there’s more airflow. However, I can find a smooth hit in medium and even small bongs without worrying about the issues above.

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