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Learn | 04.29.2022

This Laser Bong Will Help You Save Weed

The even burn and unique laser combustion bring ease to each and every sesh.

It’s only fair that you, as a cannabis user, evolve along with the many products and devices rolling out. One of the most evolved, innovative, and beneficial devices of them all comes in the form of sleek laser bong; say goodbye to butane lighters and harsh chemical hits thanks to the futuristic and exciting Hitoki Trident.

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How It Works

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Before we get into why this bong will help you save a ton of weed, let’s understand all about the future of weed smoking. For starters, the Hitoki Trident offers the cleanest smoking experience you could ask for.

Because Hitoki removed butane lighters from the equation, all we’re left to inhale is the pure and dense smoke from our favorite herb. But what about laser combustion? Similar to how a magnifying glass under the sun produces a direct beam of light, the Trident’s laser combustion works precisely the same. The instant combustion from the laser offers a fast, clean, and reliable toke.

Features & Innovation

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

It’s safe to say that Hitoki came clutch with an incredibly innovative device, one that’s bound to start conversations. Besides the unique laser combustion, which we’ve already discussed, the Trident comes with an integrated water filter, removable ceramic loading chamber, LED power level indicator and can last over 280 uses on one single charge.

If that doesn’t impress you, we’re not sure what will. Not to mention the handy dandy carb button, allowing you to inhale every puff of smoke inside the Trident.

How The Trident Saves Weed

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

One of the top reasons most individuals lean to the Hitoki Trident is because it offers the same effects as your usual go-to smoking methods but calls for way less flower. The laser does the grunt work by ensuring the flower is evenly and entirely burnt, meaning you won’t have any half-lit hits that leave some extra green in the bowl piece.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll be thanking innovative devices like the Trident for helping you save some extra cash in the long run while giving you that euphoric and blissful cannabis experience, all within the click of a button.

Why The Trident Will Enhance Your Experience

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Ah yes, the experience. There’s no denying that a hit from the Hitoki Trident is as exciting as ever. For one thing, the Trident is the very first laser bong on the market, meaning if you’re a cannabis user who likes to reflect the innovative and evolving ways of the industry through your product choices, then the Trident is for you. Let’s face it; the Trident is for anyone who appreciates modernity, innovation, precision…and lasers.

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