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Trichoderma: The Fungi That May Be Missing From Your Cannabis Crop

These fungi have incredible powers that can actually help your cannabis crop.

The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides to alleviate the harmful effects that affect cannabis plants is very common nowadays. And while these products can be useful, they can also be very harmful, not to mention highly toxic.

Trichoderma may be that alternative solution that you didn’t know you needed for your cannabis crop but may be just what you needed.

What Is A Trichoderma?

Let’s go back to a high school science class. A Trichoderma is a fungus of the genus Ascomycetes of the family Hypocreaceae. This fungus is quite useful because it fights a wide spectrum of pathogens, is an extraordinary growth stimulator, and, at the same time, significantly improves yield.

Its appearance is fibrous, like cellulose, white, sometimes yellowish, greenish, or green, depending on its evolutionary stage. It is a fungus with a symbiotic action beneficial to soil life and above-ground plants. Trichoderma is normally found on plant roots and decaying bark.

Trichoderma And Cannabis Cultivation

Fight against pathogens: Trichoderma is very effective in fighting different diseases that can affect cannabis crops.  

The Trichoderma develops very quickly a protective barrier of the roots, which prevents the appearance/installation of pathogens and the availability of the food resources (nutrients) necessary for their development. Think of it as the first line of defense against cannabis plants.

It favors the growth of the plants: Trichoderma effectively stimulate plant growth by strengthening the soil life cycle, which improves root health while protecting them from pathogens. The immune system is strengthened by the long-spectrum protective action of these beneficial fungi.

Increases the nutritional level of cannabis plants: Trichoderma improves the assimilation of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron, or copper for cannabis plants. It also helps to a deeper rooting of the plants.

Increased flower and terpene production of the cannabis plant: A healthy plant, with its best capabilities, like any living being, will logically respond positively if the plant enjoys healthy growth, a strong immune system, and is in optimal conditions of development throughout the life cycle, the fruit of the harvest should be of high quality.

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