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Vape Oil Pens – Is the Pen Mightier than the Herb?

Vape oil pens are handy but do they have the same effects? If you were given the choice between smoking herb and a vapeoil pen, which would you choose?
Vape Oil Pens

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If you were given the choice between smoking marijuana flower and a vape oil pen, which would you choose? Vape oil pens are portable and easy to use discreetly when compared to the process of smoking flower, but do they have the same effects?

Is the vape oil pen mightier?

Is the vape oil pen mightier?

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People use vape oil pens for a variety of reasons including convenience, portability, health, and the type of high they experience. There is no denying that vape oil pens are portable and convenient. Discreetly slide the pen-sized device out of your pocket, take a few pulls and put it away before anyone knows what happened.

Depending on the quality of the oil you smoke, vape oil pens can be a healthy alternative to smoking flower from a joint or bowl. Studies have shown that people who smoke vape oil pens experience less respiratory issues than those who smoke marijuana from joints or bowls. The vapors are less contaminated with carcinogens and tars than the smoke you inhale from lighting up a joint.

Being health conscious about how you choose to consume marijuana is commendable, but at the end of the day, aren’t we looking for a good high?

There are 2 primary ways to make vape oil. The first way is to use butane as a solvent for separating the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant matter. The second way is to use CO2 in a high-pressure system to reach similar results. Oil connoisseurs are convinced that CO2 oil is superior to butane hash oil (BHO).

The oils that we use for vaping usually contain between 70-90% THC making them much more potent than flower that contains between 12-25% THC on average. So based on these numbers, you would think that the high produced by vape oil pens is superior to the high from smoking flowers.

Supplemental high

As a daily smoker of flower, I do not often use vape oil pens. I find the pens to be great for traveling, going to concerts, and even when I go skiing, but I am always skeptical of the high that I get from them.

Personally, I think that one hit of flower from a bong produces a high that I cannot achieve from taking pulls on the pen for an entire day. I became especially skeptical recently when I went an entire week without flower, relying on my 500mg OpenVape hybrid C02 oil cartridge to keep me lifted.

I was not pleased.

I vaped and vaped and vaped—the high was just not there. Granted, I have a high THC tolerance from smoking most every day, but I was expecting the oil to be everything flower is and more.

For years, I have heard about the wonders of vape oil pens, but it wasn’t working for me—I felt alone. So I did some research to see if other people were feeling the same as me.

First I found plenty of stories from people who do not smoke flower often. They reported feeling very high from vape oil pens, and in some cases people felt too high – they even vomited from vaping too much.

Then I found some stories that were similar to mine. People reported that they use their vapeoil pens as a supplement to their “flower high”. This made sense to me. Smoke a bong, hit the road, and take pulls from the pen to maintain my high.

Ask a friend

The information I found on the web provided me some comfort, but I wanted to ask some friends what they thought. My friends are also regular flower smokers, so I figured they would be good guinea pigs.

Each one of them said a variation of the same thing, “No man, these pens are not great”. Maybe we smoke too much flower, maybe we smoke poor quality oil (yeah right), or maybe it’s just in our heads.

The bottom line, vape oil pens do not get my friends nor I as high as flower does.  I haven’t turned my back on vape oil yet, but I am in no hurry to buy a refill cartridge – I’ll stick to my flower for now.

Check out the collection of vape pens available at the Herb Shop.

How is your high from vape oil pens? Let us know on social media.

August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 16, 2020
Written by Lane Tr
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August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 16, 2020
Written by Lane Tr

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