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Learn | 05.03.2022

Vape Oil Pens – Is The Pen Mightier Than The Herb?


If you were given a choice between smoking weed and a vape oil pen, which would you choose? Vape oil pens are portable and easy to use discreetly compared to the process of smoking flowers, but do they have the same effects? Is the vape oil pen more powerful?

People use oil vape pens for a variety of reasons, including convenience, portability, health, and the type of high they experience. There is no denying that oil vape pens are portable and convenient. Discreetly slide the pen-sized device out of your pocket, take a few puffs, and put it away before anyone knows what happened.

Depending on the quality of the oil you smoke, vape pens can be a healthy alternative to smoking flowers from a joint or bowl. Studies have shown that people who smoke vape oil pens experience fewer respiratory problems than those who smoke marijuana from joints or bowls. The vapors are less contaminated with carcinogens and tars than the smoke inhaled when lighting up a joint.

Being health conscious about how we consume marijuana is commendable, after all, we are looking for a good high, so is it possible to get it from smoking flowers and oil vapes?

The oils we use to vape usually contain between 70-90% THC, which makes them much more potent than flower, which contains between 12-25% THC on average. Therefore, based on these figures, one would think that the high produced by oil vape pens is superior to the high from the smoking flowers.


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This is where PAX comes in. A company that since 2007 has been working to create the world’s best vaporizers that are top of the line with best-in-class software and hardware.

While each product is different and has its own features, some of the features that are cross-cutting to all the devices are:

  • There are no buttons, but an on-demand draw, which activates the vaporizer when you inhale.
  • On average, you can do more than 100 draws per charge.
  • Temperature adjustments at your fingertip by touching the “X” and increasing or decreasing the heat of the device as the petals turn on or off.
  • They can hold up to .5 grams of the product.

The PAX Era Life is compatible with cannabis oil, so you can have a smoke full of flavor and potency. This is an ideal option for those who prefer their smokes to be with oils, either for the level of the high or the purity of the flavor.

The good thing is that for those who are like me and can’t decide between one option and the other, there is the PAX 3, a vaporizer that accepts both flowers and concentrates. The best of both worlds in one product.

Final Opinion

But then, do they have the same effects? Is the oil vape pen or smoking flowers more potent?

Whether one really gives a stronger high than the other depends on what you are smoking in each, we think they can complement each other very well. And in this wide world of cannabis, there are as many preferences as there are options.

It also depends on the time and place you want to smoke, we know that vapes are more discreet and portable for smoking weed, so keep this in mind.

If we include the same strain in a vape as when smoking the flower, the effects are likely to be similar, the potency will depend on the concentration of the cannabinoid and personal tolerance.

So, another factor to take into account is the level of tolerance, and how you have accustomed your body to receive the different cannabinoids, remember that not all bodies react the same and that for some it may be stronger for you are mild.

Regardless of which one you prefer, PAX has a perfect option for you, whether it’s a smoking flower or an oil vape pen.

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