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The Best Cannabis Events In Los Angeles You Can’t Miss

These are the cannabis happenings you can't miss in the City of Angels.

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Events featuring music, food, and even networking opportunities.

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Extraction Expo

Photo courtesy of https://extractionexpo.net/event-details/

Extraction Expo in Los Angeles is an innovative convention where leaders from around the globe connect to learn the forefront advancements in cannabis extraction technology. If you are looking to break through and move into the future of extractions, then this is the place for you. They want to meet your needs by providing a wide array of educational courses that allow you to learn from the best.  

Are you ready to advance your leadership? Attend the only event where industry experts share new developments, discuss trends, and collaborate with fellow scientists. You’ll leave more knowledge about advancements in cannabis extraction, empowered to solve problems and provide solutions for the

CBD Expo WEST 2021

Photo courtesy of https://cbdexpo.net/

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or just someone who loves the medicinal benefits of CBD, then this is the event for you! CBD Expo WEST  is bringing together the best companies in the industry for a weekend of networking, learning, and product appreciation. Open to the public, everyone is invited.

They want to grow this community through the power of product placement – making it easy for people to learn about CBD products from the companies that care about their success. Plus, they have exclusive access to some of the most experienced media experts in the country. This is your chance to network with industry experts and shop for the best gifts for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere!

Cannabis Hiring Event

Expanding your network is always a good idea when looking for new job opportunities. But it’s even better when you have an in-person actionable step to take that will immediately set you on the right path. There are many ways to measure success in business, and one of the best ways is networking with like-minded professionals and companies. 

Whether you’re interested in all things cannabis-related or just want to learn about the companies that are innovating in the space, this networking event is for you! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get mentored by industry heavyweights, meet your peers face-to-face, and network with companies you’re already working with, all while learning more about your profession! You’ll leave here feeling more empowered and skilled than ever while gaining access to resources and connections that will help you achieve your wildest career dreams.

Doobie Sesh LA

Photo courtesy of Doobie Sesh Instagram

The Doobie Sesh is a music and cannabis celebration for locals and tourists alike (support local growers and artists!). They eliminate the costs associated with large-scale festivals by providing their patrons with a small-scale, family-friendly experience; something fun and affordable for everyone to partake in as opposed to just drug-related tourism. 

While the event itself is focused on providing an environment where vendors and attendees can come together as peers in an environment that supports peace and love, it is the hope that The Doobie Sesh also serves as a platform for acceptance of cannabis throughout the greater LA area.

CannaGROW Harvest: Cultivation

Photo courtesy of https://cannaone.com/cannagrowcultivation/

Everyone interested in building excellent sustainable businesses should attend CannaGROW Harvest. Whether they grow their own crops or simply learn about the best practices in the industry. This event is intended for those who want a deeper understanding of all things cannabis-related – whether that means learning how to grow weed for recreational use or how to build a successful greenhouse

Imagine the possibilities – the scientific advancements, the marketing leaps and bounds, the wealth of knowledge that will be discovered and shared among growers around the globe. Although notoriety and fortune are the obvious goals, the true value of an Expo ticket lies in gaining industry insights and making new connections that will carry throughout your business.

September 17, 2021 — Last Updated October 01, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
Los Angelesweed
September 17, 2021 — Last Updated October 01, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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