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Learn | 03.10.2022

What Are Hash Bats? How To Infuse Your Joint With Hash

Batter up and hash it out; these Hash Bats are waiting to be smoked.

What’s great about cannabis is how there’s an endless array of options for you to ingest it. While you might prefer your old reliable joints, we want to help you take things up a notch with a kickass hash bat.

What Are Hash Bats?

Hemp CBD products include flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles and more. Photo by deliris / Adobe Stock Photo

Hash Bats is a term coined by Canadian cannabis company Good Supply for their infused pre-roll. While you could just purchase a hash bat, why not make some your own? Even better, by rolling a hash-infused joint yourself, you can choose whichever strain and THC content you want present in your joint.

How To Roll Hash Bats

Just like you would any normal joint, you’ll need a rolling tray, grinder, papers, filters, your favorite flower, hash, and a pair of scissors. Follow the steps below;

  • Once you’ve ground your herb, set it aside and pick up your hash and scissors overtop of your rolling tray. Start by cutting your hash into small 2mm pieces. You can also use a grinder for this, but it may get a little sticky.
  • Now that your goods are ready, roll out a filter like you would for a regular joint.
  • Once you’ve placed the filter inside your paper, only sprinkle half the amount of cannabis flower you normally would.
  • Take your hash pieces and distribute them evenly across the flower in the joint. Put as much or as little as you prefer.
  • Add the rest of your ground flower and twist it closed.
  • If you want to take things even further, dip the joint’s tip-in some honey or a melted THC/CBD formulation, then roll the tip in a bed of kief.

Effects Of Hash Bats

Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

When infusing a regular joint with potent hash, it’s a given that the user will experience an even heavier and more powerful high. Perhaps you want to use a dried flower strain and hash strain that’s of higher THC percentage; in that case, you’re basically asking for an experience like no other.

We should mention that new cannabis users should proceed with caution when dipping into Hash Bats, especially since the ample THC content can produce some unwanted paranoia if you’re not too familiar with your personal tolerance.

Hash Bats Release From Good Supply

Suppose your attempt at rolling Hash Bats didn’t work out so well. No need to worry, as one of the leading Canadian cannabis brands Good Supply, recently dropped its highly-anticipated line of delicious Hash Bats.

The company currently has Hash Bats available in Jean-Guy and Starwalker Kush strains, both sitting at a high 26% THC. Visit Good Supply’s website or the Ontario Cannabis Store to shop Hash Bats.

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