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Learn | 09.01.2022

What Is THC-B?

Everything you need to know about THC-B.

You’ve heard about THC-P, Delta-10, THC-O, and even HHC. The cannabinoid space has been growing like crazy since the 2018 Farm Bill, and newer compounds are being explored and used. However, there’s a new bud in town, and you might want to know more about it.

THC-B is a fairly new cannabinoid that was discovered circa 2019 by a group of Italian scientists. While new to the market and scientific community, this compound has been found to have psychoactive effects that might be even stronger than THC.

Hence why we’ve put this article up to help you understand everything about this new cannabinoid. From what it is, its benefits and effects, to how much you should consume at once. So buckle up. We are in for a ride to the B side of THC.

What is THC-B?

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Photo courtesy of Binoid

Let’s get down with the basics. THC-B, also known as Tetrahydrocannabutol is a homolog compound to delta-9 THC and one of the active ingredients in hemp. This means this cannabinoid is found naturally in hemp and it’s basically a relative to delta-9 in the cannabis family.

THC-B is a phytocannabinoid and psychoactive. While not as strong as D9, this cannabinoid has been described as similar in how it interacts with our system. Specifically, it acts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. This compound binds to them and has a stronger binding affinity than other homologs and isomers of THC, like delta-8 THC or HHC.

What Are The differences Between THC & THC-B?

Besides the obvious B beside the name, THC and THC-B have a similar chemical structure that makes them similar but different. Sort of like siblings, although they might look the same, they do have some differences that are basically what makes them special. Cute right?

The main difference happens in the penalty side chain of THC-B. Instead of this, it has a butyl side chain, or in less scientific terms, it has one carbon chain less than its sibling cannabinoid. While small, this could be the reason THCB is even stronger than THC.

While there is much to still research about this compound, it is important to understand that it is pretty much psychoactive. As long as it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill and is fully hemp-derived, this cannabinoid can be bought and sold at a federal level. Delta-9 THC, on the other hand, is not and is considered in general as medicinal marijuana.

What Are The Benefits And Effects?

Before we move on, we have to mention that THC-B is a fairly new phytocannabinoid. There is only one study that scratched the surface of what THCB is and how it works on small animals. Hence, there is only general speculation and users’ experience about the benefits and effects.

With that said, general research and evidence suggest that it works pretty similar to regular THC. It has a high potential to relieve pain relief and even help with anti-inflammatory properties. And due to how it can bind to our brain receptors, some users have reported getting even stronger “highs”.

While there is much to understand about this compound, and it needs more research to confirm this data, there is potential for several treatments and recreative purposes. And, of course, bigger and better highs.

Where Can I Get THC-B?

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Photo courtesy of Binoid

If you want to try this newcomer to the hemp scene, we always recommend going for a renowned brand. And one of the biggest pioneers in the industry is the folks at Binoid. Since the 2018 Farm Bill, this company has brought to the market top-quality and lab-certified smoking devices, both disposable and carts.

For the best vaping experience available, Binoid’s THC-B Vape Cartridge is an excellent option. With a full gram of their delicious THC-B with Delta-8 extract, these have incredible and potent highs and flavors. If you want

These carts use the extraordinary quality of Binoid in their devices, using medical-grade glass and components. Best of all, they have experience-oriented flavors like Cloud Nine that have strong, energetic properties while relaxing, thanks to their terpene profile.

If you want to picture yourself in your own little tropical paradise, the Caribbean Breeze cart could be a great option. This indica-like cart has tropical flavors with delicious notes and aromatics, with mind-blowing head and body buzz.

You can read more about Binoid’s THCB line over here as well.

How Much Should I Take?

While there is not much information about THCB, we always recommend starting slow. Start with 2-3 tokes to establish your resistance to the cannabinoid and depending on the desired effect, take a few more pulls from your vape or cart.

As a stronger cannabinoid like THC-P or THC-O, a little goes a long way. So before starting any new cannabinoid, make sure to check your resistance and if possible consult your healthcare professional.

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