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Learn | 01.30.2023

What’s Got You Down? Find Your Solution At Koi CBD

Koi CBD is changing lives with quality, flavorful, and clean hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Life is complex. Humans have far too much to worry about. From careers to family, friends, and everything in between, we have lots to give our energy to but lack where to find it. 

Whether you need a mood boost, help focussing, or require a muscle-soothing topical, brands like Koi CBD show how easy it is to feel good, thanks to hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

This passionate cannabinoid brand aims to help elevate your well-being whenever you need it. From sleep and relaxation to focus and recovery, look to Koi CBD for all your hemp-derived needs. Learn more about this game-changing brand and some of their popular offerings below. 

About Koi CBD

Koi CBD has been a trailblazer in the hemp-derived cannabinoid space for years. They create quality products to help consumers elevate their well-being and find a natural way to achieve health and happiness. 

The brand is committed to helping everyone live better lives through the natural healing, mood-boosing, and elevating powers of hemp cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, and Delta-8 THC. You’ll never find a questionable ingredient or additive in their products. 

At Koi CBD, they take pride in using the following:

  • The best ingredients
  • The best suppliers
  • The best processes

This is a brand of dreamers and doers who keep moving forward toward new discoveries, like unrelenting koi fish. Koi CBD showcases the true life-changing benefits of hemp in the safest, healthiest, most flavorful, and most accessible way possible.

Browse By Benefit

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Koi CBD lets you browse by benefit, meaning you can search a wide variety of products all geared toward a specific outcome, including but not limited to the following categories. We’ve included one stand-out product from four popular categories at Koi CBD. See the best product options below. 

Relaxation: Get your chill on with the Dirty Heads X Koi Midnight Control Gummies, combining two sleepy cannabinoids to rid you of stress and fill you with relaxation. These gummies have a sweet-tart blueberry acai flavor and contain 10mg hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and 10mg CBN per gummy. 

Sleep: When it’s time to hit the hay, but your mind says no, look to Koi’s Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies and experience the true entourage effect. These powerful CBD gummies help you unwind and rest with 25mg CBD and 5mg Delta-9 THC, coming in flavors like Pomegranate, Pineapple, and Grape. 

Recovery: Whether you just hit the gym or experience chronic pain, Koi’s Full Spectrum CBD Balm is here to help. This restorative balm soothes overworked muscles and nourishes the skin for deep relief, thanks to a whopping cannabinoid content of 3000mg CBD per jar, made with full-spectrum CBD and natural oils. 

Focus: Weekday meetings and tedious tasks are done better with Koi’s CBG + CBC Gummies. These flavorful treats provide mood-boosting and focus-oriented effects with 15mg CBG and 15mg CBC per gummy. Take one and finish your tasks with ease. 

For more products and information about Koi CBD, visit their website at

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