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Which PAX Device Is The Right One For You?

Helping you understand PAX's different devices for your ideal experience.

So you saw someone with a PAX vape and thought, where can I get one?

Before you jump the gun and get any PAX device, you should know what you’re getting into.

By that, I mean asking yourself, what are you looking for in a vaporizer? Do you want to use easy disposable pods, your own concentrate, or dried flower?

Whatever option you have in mind, PAX has something for you. These cutting-edge devices are much more than a vape, and their technology and innovation are unmatched.

Let’s dive into which PAX device best suits you and your preferred experience.

Pod Party

Many of us love the convenience and potency of vape cartridges. You can use them until the very last drop, and switch them up with each purchase.

You’ll be astounded by the vast product selection when it comes to PAX’s many pods. If disposable pods are more down your alley, you have two excellent PAX devices to choose from.

Let’s start with the PAX Era Life. When you’re not sure where, to begin with, a vaporizer and want to step into the unknown, this is a great way to do so. It’s a rechargeable device that offers instant draws and four different temperature settings for a different experience each time around.

If you consider yourself an intermediate vaper, we recommend the PAX Era Pro. It carries everything you love about the PAX Era Life, but more. You still get an instant draw and compact design, but with added features like;

  • 65% more battery life
  • Color LEDs
  • Haptic feedback

While the Era Life runs for about 150 sessions, the Era Pro takes 250 puffs. If you’re the kind of generous friend who hands your vape around the group, you could probably guess which one we recommend.

Flower Power

“We’re a cannabis company dedicated to finding new ways not to smoke it,” reads PAX’s website.

If you’re a little confused, let’s introduce you to PAX 2. This device is all about helping you “heat, never burn” your bud, another company motto.

When heating your flower instead of combusting it with butane lighters, you’re saving yourself from inhaling all those nasty contaminants and chemicals. Not only that, but you’re bringing out the best flavors, potencies, and aromas in your weed, not masking it with icky butane.

You might love smoking flower in a joint, blunt, pipe, or bong, but are you really experiencing the pure and intended flavors of your weed? The PAX 2 vaporizer solves those issues and more.

This device’s long-lasting battery can run for 2 continuous hours of use, lasting roughly 6 – 8 sessions. With four temperature modes, you can easily customize your heat setting depending on your preferred experience with certain strains.

With a 45-second heat time, you’ll be sparking up without the spark, puffing on a cloud with maximum flavor, density, and potency.

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The Best Of Both Worlds

Anyone can benefit from switching up their smoking routine. Whether that’s vaping one day or smoking a joint the next, it’s nice to have diverse options for your consumption.

If your love for dried flower and concentrates is equal, we’re happy to put you on the one, the only, PAX 3. It’s PAX’s very first dual-use device.

You might be thinking, what’s a dual-use vaporizer, and how does it work?

When it comes to the PAX 3, this stand-out vaporizer works with waxy and solid concentrates and dried flower. It’s time to put down your papers or rig and never look back.

We recommend choosing the Complete Kit rather than the Basic Kit, as the former comes with everything you need to switch up your routine and dab it up or heat your fine herbs.

Simply put, the PAX 3 does everything that all other PAX devices do and more. Minus the pod system, you get:

  • The longest possible battery life
  • The fastest heat time
  • A 10-year warranty
  • Two ways to use it (flower & concentrates)

Plus, it brings out consistent flavors, aromas, and potencies of concentrates and dried flower. That’s something you’ll never get tired of.

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