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Learn | 01.20.2022

Why Your Vape Should Have A Quartz Tank

Two words, instantaneous heating. Created with TOQi.

It’s a shame that many vape cartridges don’t come with durable, quality, and life-extending materials to make the most of your smoking experience.

Even worse, many companies create their products with lower-end materials to get you coming back and buying more. 

Take it from us; it’s vital that your cannabis vape and cartridge use quality materials like quartz. Take the TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge, for example; one of the product’s main features that grabbed our attention was the instantaneous heating through the quartz coil.

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Not to mention the built-in dab tool and no-slip handling, TOQi built the cartridge with a durable stainless steel exterior to protect the quartz coil. 

Say goodbye to the days of hovering a torch over a dab rig and playing the waiting game as it heats up.

The TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge and Quartz Tank allow for instant heating so that you can get to seshing with the click of a button. 

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TOQi actually sells three individual quartz coils through their TOQi 510 Quartz Tank. These tanks are known to extend the life of a wax cartridge significantly, especially the TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge.

This is an excellent, cost-effective, and healthier way to consume your concentrates.

The cartridges are incredibly easy to clean, ensuring that each toke is fresher and cleaner than the last.

Photo courtesy of TOQi

Simply place the dab applicator and main body into a bath of isopropyl alcohol for about 15 minutes. When removing, take a cotton swab and scrub any excess gunk. 

On the other hand, the quartz tank does need to be replaced after a while, and they are disposable.

TOQi encourages us to replace ONLY the quartz tank and reuse their other products…the environment will thank us. 

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