The best things to look at while stoned: a river flowing, wind in the trees, fireworks at night… it’s all about color and motion. But what if you are stuck indoors?

Now the best trip can also be the one you don’t have to go anywhere to have. If you want psychedelic light and amazing color, look no further than some of the brightest ideas to come out of the hot-boxed think tank since the color change pipe! GLOWING glassware!

Blacklight Reactive

monster Touch of Glass #6 Glowing Glass!
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What really excites any fan of the psychedelics is the black light reactive pieces. Though they don’t light up themselves if your smoke sesh room has a blacklight, then one of these guys can quickly become a marvel of beauty.

The only downside is that you can also see the weird tones in the skin of everyone around you, and the darkness of the room means you better not have a drink next to your tray, or you might soak your stash for the evening. Still, check out the perfect mascot for things that can change their appearance, the chameleon, perched on top of a glowing glass piece that will have you reach out for it, only to stop and stare at your hands under the light.

Glow in the Dark

glow in the dark Touch of Glass #6 Glowing Glass!
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Now black light is cool, but what about something that glows on its own? Yes, there is glow in the dark glass! Like those plastic stars you stuck to your ceiling as a kid, these pieces of glass really glow by themselves, but you need to “charge” the effect under a bright light for a few minutes.

It’s an awesome piece to have on hand though the light output is minimal, so you won’t be able to really see anything other than the bong itself. Watch one of these babies quickly rise to your favorites collection, however, as they can be beautiful even in the daylight.

LED Glass

led Touch of Glass #6 Glowing Glass!
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This fine piece is the Vortex Glow bong. Illuminated by an LED lamp in the base, it can be set to one color, or gradually changing from one to the next, like a Christmas ornament that you smoke with! Nice to have a piece with a built in party game: see if you can draw a hit through the entire light cycle! A chill way to light up your tray in a dark room.

Plasma Glass

plasma2 Touch of Glass #6 Glowing Glass!
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Now this is what I am talking about! This awesome tall boy has a dual layer glass that is filled with the inert gas that glows and flickers with veiny, rippling tendrils of electricity! Color, movement, and interaction!

The plasma reacts to your touch, just like the classic plasma ball you see in head shops. The only drawback is that it does have to be plugged in, but any dabber who has run an electric nail knows his way around power cords, just don’t step on it as you get up to go use the restroom.

Watch Plasma Glass in action

This beauty is a piece made by Cheech glass, and if you click on the video, you can watch and see just how much fun you could have with this personal light show in your smoke room!