Celebrating 420 is easy in California. Cannabis enthusiasts all over the Golden State have a wide variety of events to choose from, including fabulous cannabis-themed dinner parties to free gatherings at Golden Gate Park. In case you still need a place to party, here are 10 California 420 events you won’t want to miss.

1. The Cannabis Social 420 Red Carpet Event

10 California 420 1 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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Who says 420 can’t be classy? This Cannabis Social 420 Event features a complimentary sushi bar with creations by Chef Ray Agishi. Attendees can also enjoy live musical performances by Jazz Camp and accompanying vocalist Lexi Pulido.

The evening will be centered around a cannabis-themed glass sculpture, which will be available for viewing at the bar.

Attendees can also enjoy a collection of cannabis-themed foods and a relaxed evening of networking with other cannabis enthusiasts and professionals. So, break out your cocktail dresses and ties for the most deluxe cannabis celebration around. Doors open at 7 pm.

  • Festivities: live music, edibles, networking
  • Location: San Diego
  • Tickets: $104.20
  • Find more information here.

2. Lifted & Gifted 420: A Cannabis + Dinner Party

10 California 420 2 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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Get ready to get your grub on. Hosted by High Standards, the Lifted & Gifted 420 party aims to bring cannabis to the dinner table. Three different strains will be paired with a luxurious three-course meal. Each strain will be matched to compliment the flavor profiles of each course, bringing cannabis into the realm of fine dining.

The event kicks off at 8 pm and lasts until 11 pm on April 20th.

  • Festivities: three-course meal and cannabis tasting
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Tickets: $99 to 220
  • Find more information here.

3. Pocket Full of Sunshine- Twice Baked

10 California 420 3 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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Pocket Full of Sunshine’s Twice Baked 420 Event takes place on Friday, April 21 and closes Saturday, April 22 at 2 am. The event is a cool hangout featuring local Reggae/ Rock band G.A.M.M.A.

The event is open to those 21 and over. Small backpacks, cigarettes, hula hoops, light gloves, and kandi are allowed. Drugs, violence, weapons and large backpacks need to stay away.

  • Festivities: Raffel, giveaways, snacks and goodies, some smoking
  • Location: PJ’s Roadhouse, Placerville, CA
  • Tickets: $5
  • Find more information here.

4. 420 Smoke Out with San Quinn

10 California 420 4 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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The 420 Smoke Out is sure to be a great event. The San Jose celebration is hosted by local rap legend San Quinn and will act as a spotlight for unsigned music, art, and entrepreneurs. Attendees will be able to browse vendors. Doors open at 8:00 pm on April, 20th, and guests are asked to bring printed tickets. Tickets will stop being sold at 10:30 pm.

  • Festivities: music, art, shopping
  • Location: Black Bar Sofa, San Jose, CA
  • Tickets: $19.99
  • Find more information here.

5. 420 At La Brea Collective

10 California 420 5 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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The La Brea Collective is known for hosting big blowouts. On their birthday, this mid-city cannabis club hosted 1,000 people. Now, they’re hoping that their 420 event is even better. Join this Los Angeles club for giveaways, raffles, vendor specials, and free treats with your standard donation.

Live music will be offered in the evening. The event begins at 10 am and ends at 8 pm.

  • Festivities: live music, deals, vendors
  • Location: La Brea Collective, Los Angeles
  • Tickets: Free
  • Find more information here.

6. Katchafire 20 Year Anniversary Tour

10 California 420 6 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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Love reggae? Join Katchafire for their 420 show! Katchafire will be performing in Oakland on April, 20th at 8 pm as a part of their 20 year anniversary tour.

Katchafire has a classic Maori Reggae sound and has released four highly successful studio albums. Tickets are available for pre-sale for $35, but the price bumps up to $40 the day of the show.

  • Festivities: reggae
  • Location: The New Parish, Oakland, California
  • Tickets: $35
  • Find more information here.

7. 420 Smoke Fest

10 California 420 7 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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If dancing and listening to some great jams sounds like the best way to spend 420, you’re in luck. The 420 Fest in Hollywood will be hosted by Baby Bash and features several artists, including Damar Jackson, Droop, and E-Nasty. There will also be many vendors on site, meaning that you can get your 420 shopping on.

  • Festivities: music, vendors
  • Location: Hollywood, CA
  • Tickets: $30 to 75
  • Find more information here.

8. 420 in the Park

10 California 420 8 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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Cannabis enthusiasts are encouraged to meet up at Sharon Medows (AKA Hippie Hill) in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on April, 20 at 4:20 PM. The event has been an unofficial 420 celebration for years, but this year it is actually permitted. Food vendors, bathrooms, security, and emergency medical personnel will be on site.

  • Festivities: 420 friendly gathering, vendors
  • Location: Golden Gate Park
  • Tickets: Free
  • Find more information here.

9. $4.20 Food Truck Celebration

10 California 420 9 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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If you live in the San Francisco area and don’t have time to make it to a big 4/20 bash, then this food truck celebration might be for you. Head down to Spark Social SF on April, 20th to enjoy some cheap and delicious eats.

Meals will be sold for $4.20 a pop, and attendees will have a variety of options to choose from. There will also be $4.20 craft beer and glasses of housemade sangria at the bar.

Unfortunately, smoking and vaping is not permitted within 15 feet of any structure. The event kicks off at 11 am and lasts until the night.

  • Festivities: cheap eats, drinks
  • Location: SPARK Social SF, San Francisco, CA
  • Tickets: Free to attend, cost of food
  • Find more information here.

10. 420 World Fest

10 California 420 10 10 Californian 420 Events You Wont Want To Miss
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NorCal folks are in luck. The second annual 420 World Fest will be held at Mateel Community Center in Redway, California. The event will feature live music by the Good Ol’ Boys, Maui Pranksters, and more.

There will also be a joint rolling contest for qualified medical cannabis patients. The festivities kick off on April, 20th at 12 pm and last until midnight.

  • Festivities: music, contests
  • Location: Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA
  • Tickets: $30
  • Find more information here.