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7 Arousing Cannabis Products to Try This Valentine’s Day

Fancy an infused bubble bath, anyone? Get sensual with some of our favorite products this Valentine's Day.
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Love is in the air, and this year, so are clouds of cannabis smoke. Spice up your special day this year with some of the cannabis industry’s most arousing products. Tired of the same old roses and chocolates you give every February 14th? How about some Marijuana-infused intimate massage oil for a perfect end to date night, instead? 

Or, try adding a new twist to a classic Valentine’s Day gift by sending chocolates imbued with THC. No partner? No problem! Spend the day treating yourself to a hot soak with a revitalizing hemp bath bomb. These artisanal cannabis goods are perfect for the marijuana enthusiast looking to mix some ganja in with their romance.

7 Arousing Cannabis Products To Try This Valentine’s Day

Are you and your sweetheart planning on partaking this V-Day? For years people have talked about the effects a little herb can have in the bedroom, but now that cannabis is legal in 12 states, companies have been free to experiment and create all kinds of titillating formulas designed specifically to enhance stimulation. 

What a time to be alive! With so many exciting products out there—from rousing vape pens to weed wine—it can be hard to figure out where to start. So, we’ve gone ahead and created this list of expertly curated products to help narrow down your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

Dosist Arouse

Dosist Arouse Vape Pen

Courtesy of Dosist

Get aroused this February 14th! Dosist Arouse is a pre-filled vape pen designed to ignite and stimulate your senses. The Arouse formula is filled with a 10:1 ratio of THC to CBD, giving it a notable intoxicating effect. Arouse also features aromatic terpenes like farnesene and linalool which may help to heighten excitement–a perfect start to your Valentine’s Day date night.

Doisist is a globally recognized wellness company that creates precision dosage vaporizers. The innovative devices are designed to give consumers more control over their experience with 2.5-milligram hits. They also offer targeted formulas for every occasion, like this Valentine’s Day. 

Foria Awaken

Foria, Weed Oil, Pleasure Oil, Cannabis Lubricant

Courtesy of Foria

If the potential for fuller orgasms, increased arousal, and titillating tactile sensations doesn’t leave you begging for more, then the minty chocolate aroma will. Inspired by the success of Foria THC lubricants, Awaken is the company’s first CBD only product, which ships to most American states. Foria Awaken is made with broad-spectrum CBD derived from organically grown hemp with no additives or preservatives so you can feel good about feeling good this valentines day.

Prima Soak-It-In-Bath Gem

Prima Cannabis Topicals

Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day? This Valentine’s day treat yourself to a restorative bath complete with Prima’s Soak-It-In-Bath Gem. These soothing gems are made with whole-plant hemp extract and a specialized blend of moisturizing oils and functional minerals, including Epsom salt and magnesium. Plus, antioxidant-rich safflower oils and meadowfoam leave your skin feeling baby smooth—your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of you. In fact, why not go ahead and draw a bath for two?

Rebel Coast Cannabis-Infused Beverage

Cannabis wine

When you think of romance you might picture a candlelit scene with two smiling people, and of course, an open bottle of red wine between them–a setup charming enough for a Kay Jewelers commercial. What you probably don’t picture is the head-pounding red wine hangover the morning after. 

Avoid the hangover hassle this Valentine’s day and go with Rebel Coast’s Cannabis-Infused Beverage instead.  This beverage still has all the characteristics of regular wine but 40 milligrams of THC per bottle and a hint of marijuana flavor to power the mouthfeel. Sounds good, right? 

Bonus: each serving is only 35 calories.

Hexo Fleur de Lune Intimate Oil

Hexo Fleur de Lune Spray

Photo by Connor Fyfe

When a Fleur de Lune blooms, it unfurls its outer leaf and exposes its inner self to the world. Unfurl yourself or your partner with this intimate topical by Hexo designed to enhance stimulation. 

For seven years now HEXO has been growing and processing premier cannabis products outside of Ottawa, and they have perfected the process. With eight milligrams of THC, the HEXO Fleur de Lune intimate Oil is the perfect way for a Marijuana lover to spice up the bedroom. Open yourself up to the possibilities this Valentine’s day.

Mary’s Nutritionals Hemp-Infused Massage Oil

Cannabis Massage Oil

Photo from Mary’s Nutritionals

What could make a massage from your Valentine even better? How about massage oil fused with tension melting full-spectrum hemp extract? Imagine the tranquilizing effect of your loved one’s touch amplified by restorative hemp. Mary’s Nutritionals Hemp-Infused Massage Oil is formulated to hydrate skin, promote relaxation and enhance overall well being.

In addition to the calming hemp extract, the sunflower and grapeseed oil help to rejuvenate skin. With no harsh fragrance, this formulation can be used as an everyday moisturizer making it the Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

Kiva Chocolate

vanilla chai Kiva bar

Photo from Kiva

Certain gifts have stood the test of time, and chocolate is one of them–for a good reason!   Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate, and no one does chocolate quite like Kiva. Being one of the most recognizable brands in California, Kiva Confections strives to create top quality products with consistent potency.

Their chocolate bars come in over 12 tantalizing flavors like Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate and Raspberries and Cream White Chocolate. Kiva Chocolate Bars also come in a variety of THC to CBD milligram ratios so you can get the bar that’s right for you, and since Kiva’s Bars come with 20 5 milligram servings each, there will be plenty to share.

February 13, 2020
Written by Vinnie Sarrocco

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February 13, 2020
Written by Vinnie Sarrocco

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