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Learn | 01.20.2022

3 Ways To Use THC-P

Here's how to add THC-P to your daily routine. Created with Spyglass Wellness.

THC-P was discovered during a December 2019 study, and since then, the minor cannabinoid has been making waves in the industry with its hypermobility, pain-relieving, relaxing benefits.

You can think of this cannabinoid as THC with added horsepower, as each effect noted above is likely to be more pronounced when dosing THC-P. 

Because THC-P is so relaxing, it’s incredibly sought-after by individuals with insomnia.

Medical benefits aside, did you know that the high produced from THC-P is significantly stronger than its cousin, THC?

With its rather powerful effects, you’re probably wondering why this cannabinoid isn’t incredibly popular yet.

This is why we partnered with a leading retailer of minor cannabinoids, Spyglass Wellness, to help you find ways to try THC-P. 

Sublingual Dosing

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Let’s get straight to the point; if you’re a straightforward cannabis consumer and are looking to feel the full effect of THC-P, place a few drops of THC-P oil under the tongue and let it sit for 45 seconds before swallowing.

This allows for better absorption and is one of the fastest ways to feel THC-P’s full onset of effects.

Dosed Butter/Cooking Oil (Baked Goods)

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Get creative and whip up some of Spyglass Wellness’ many recipes found here. If you already have some recipes in mind, feel free to up the dosage and add your THC-P oil into baked creations.

If a recipe calls for any kind of oil, place a dropper of THC-P oil into the mixture.

You could also make your own THC-P butter by melting it and adding a dropper or two of THC-P oil.

Dosed Drinks (Coffee/Shakes)

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Not hungry? In a hurry? One of the easiest ways to dose THC-P oil is through drinks like coffees, shakes, and smoothies.

With any drink that suits your fancy (drinks with stronger flavors are ideal), simply place a dropper of THC-P oil into your beverage and feel the cannabinoid take full effect within one to two hours.

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