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5 Jobs In The Cannabis Industry You’re Probably Qualified For

Looking to enter the legal cannabis industry? These jobs are your first stop.

The cannabis industry needs more employees. Advocates have fought for the destigmatization and legalization of cannabis for years. Now that it’s upon us, business is booming. 

Cultivation facilities are popping up worldwide, manufacturers are rolling out tons of new products, and dispensaries are connecting consumers with effective, safe, and legal goods. All of this doesn’t happen overnight. If it weren’t for our praised cannabis employees, the legal industry would seize to exist. 

If you’re a frequent cannabis user or were in the past, have you considered working in the legal industry? We’ve compiled a list of entry-level jobs to help you put your cannabis knowledge to good use and make some money doing it. 

These jobs are not your last stop. Once you’ve gained more experience, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to move onward and upward.


Budtending is the number one job for cannabis users and those with copious knowledge about this special plant. If you consider yourself knowledgeable about cannabis, its effects, benefits, and potential drawbacks, put it to good use through a budtending position. 

A budtender works at a dispensary and is the middleman between the consumer and the products. They supply consumers with their desired products while making recommendations and answering any questions the customer might have. A knowledgeable and friendly budtender can make a good dispensary great.

Cannabis Trimmer

If you’re new to cannabis cultivation and looking to get your foot in the door of the legal industry, consider a position as a cannabis trimmer. These duties cover trimming the buds off of cannabis plants come harvest. 

Trimmers are responsible for ensuring the buds remain intact and visually appealing for when they hit the shelves in retail stores. Some other responsibilities might include weighing, labeling, and packaging the buds. However, trimmers are mostly needed when cannabis plants are ready to harvest, meaning it can be a seasonal position or year-round if the facility has different plants in rotation.

Delivery Driver

Although there are delivery drivers in most retail industries, cannabis delivery drivers are in great demand. This job is pretty straightforward. It calls for making on-time deliveries of cannabis products from dispensaries to the consumer’s location.

You don’t have to know too much about the plant in order to deliver it. But, working around cannabis and those who consume it will give you valuable experience and make you seem eager to expand your role and work your way up.

Cannabis Packager

The first thing consumers notice about a cannabis product is its packaging. Working in a packaging facility is an excellent way to expand your experience in the cannabis industry by working directly with the products consumers will purchase before they make it to the dispensary.

Although some experience in packaging and working in manufacturing facilities is needed (most of the time), learning your way around operations and your job requirements will be very straightforward.

Master Grower

Okay, this job isn’t entry-level, but it can be if you’ve been growing cannabis for years and have a knack for cultivating high-quality plants. 

Whether you started growing before weed was legal or you’ve worked around cannabis cultivation in the past, passionate cannabis users who grow weed as a hobby can easily get paid doing it by applying for a job as a cannabis cultivator or master grower. 

These growers are in high demand. After all, we wouldn’t have any weed to smoke if it weren’t for our praised cultivators.

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