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Learn | 01.20.2022

5 Trippy Pipes To Take To Your Next Rave

For the practical and flashy stoner, we have compiled a list of five trippy pipes you can take along if you’re willing to lose at the security search. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

Raves are fun, exciting, enticing events where there are a lot of different stimuli that will go along great with cannabis.

The lights, music, spectacle, and people make these events a place for the thriving stoner to feel euphoric and blissful; however, it is not always easy to consume weed at raves.

Glass pieces are a stoner’s best friend. For many practical and convenient reasons, you may prefer smoking from a pipe or bubbler. The downside is how fragile and stealable these babies can be. 

BIG Beauty Pipe

The Fat Buddha Glass BIG Beuty Pipe is an exciting and appealing pipe suited for those looking for a flashy, interesting glass piece that will spark up conversations.

The intricate design and color pattern make for an interesting show of craftsmanship and style.

This six-inch pipe is not discreet at all. It flashes unique color patterns with each pipe due to the silver and gold fumed glass.

The pipe will change colors according to how the light hits it, so consider that you will be part of the light show when at your favorite rave.

Ribbed Glass Pipe

This piece of art is another for a show. The 24 karat gold fumed glass will shine like there’s no tomorrow and display beautiful colors that are intensified the more you use the pipe.

The Ribbed Glass Pipe by Fat Buddha Glass is made from durable and strong boro glass that will withstand some use and abuse. 

This five-inch pipe is beautiful and, aside from the colors, quite traditional in shape and size but entirely unique due to the ribbed stem.

The head features a nice carb hole, and the ribbed body is perfect for added grip and a flashy design.

Color Changing Leaf Pipe

If you’re in for a stunning, unique piece that will definitely get the crowd cheering and asking for a spin on that incredible gadget, you want to go for the Fat Buddha Glass Color Changing Leaf Pipe.

I had never seen a pipe as unique and fashionable as this one; it has a unique leaf shape nearly five inches long. 

I may not be so inclined to take this to a party or rave out of fear of breaking it, but it makes for a great piece to show anyone around you.

The borosilicate glass is fumed with fine silver, which will give it a unique color pattern that changes with the flickering lights and dense smoke it produces.

Silver Twist Pipe

Imagine a silver tornado of smoke and bliss. Did you picture that? This pipe will do that and more because the fine silver fuming that the borosilicate glass has gone through will change the color aspect with light and use. 

The four-inch-long Fat Buddha Glass silver Twist Pipe is unique and fun. It features a twisting interior that looks amazing when not used and even better when carrying smoke from the bowl to your mouth.

This might be my favorite pipe on the list, as it is the most traditional in exterior shape but the most flashy on the inside, just how I like my smoking paraphernalia.

Heavy Peanut Pipe

The Fat Buddha Glass Heavy Peanut Pipe is astonishing! Although it has a very traditional spoon shape, it looks like it comes from the ’70s, and I love it! This inside-out pipe may be unparalleled in intricate and complex, artsy design.

This heavy, durable, borosilicate glass pipe is made to last and flash. The delicate silver fuming process that the glass has been put through makes it an exciting piece that flashes and changes color, but the airflow that the tornado interior makes is unrivaled.

This pipe is nearly five inches and is really heavy, so prepare for a fine piece indeed.

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