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Our Full Review Of Balanced Originals

East coast born, West coast grown. That’s a bold statement that hits differently when it comes to California’s very own Balanced.

Balanced is the journey of an average boy in the Bronx, growing up on the streets, doing everything he could to survive. One day his mother was rushed to the emergency with a bad migraine, only to find that she was terminally ill with stage 4 brain cancer. Intending to give up, the boy needed something to hold on to help carry him into the next chapter of his life. That’s when Balanced was created. 

Balance is a culture-focused cannabis lifestyle brand that is fully dedicated to inspiring and nurturing creative spirits. The products Balanced have brought to the market are pretty unique.

Their collection showcases a wide variety of hyper-curated strains that come flawlessly packaged in glass jars of 3.5 g, as well as THC-A infused pre-rolls, and premium flower pre-rolls. Balanced prides itself in delivering on flavor profiles and potency, and you can find their creations in seven carefully crafted strains. 

Balanced is what their team calls a promise, meaning their products are ones you can truly rely on for a cannabis experience like you’ve never experienced before.

Here are our favorite strains in their indica, sativa, and hybrid categories.

Hybrid Flower

Midnight Znack

If you’re looking to catch up on your zzzs, look no further. Midnight Znack by Balanced will couch lock you for hours. After a few tokes, you’ll get a heavy pinch around your eyes (If you know, you know.) If you’re a beginner, proceed with caution, especially when talking about THC levels that soar past 25%.

With a creamy mix of its parent strains Dosidos and Dark Helmet, Midnight Znack’s fuzzy orange and purple hairs produce an abundance in Caryophyllene. What does that mean? It means you should try this strain if you need a good anti-inflammatory. 

Midnight Znacks by Balanced is also known to help aid depression and anxiety as its medical benefits to its consumers. When it comes to its taste, who doesn’t love weed that tastes like a vanilla cupcake with grape frosting exploded in your mouth? Sign us up!

Midnight Znacks by Balanced is available for purchase on Eaze. You can grab yourself an ⅛ of flower for $56 if you’re in LA or surrounding areas. Midnight Znacks can also be purchased in pre-rolls.

Indica Flower

Blackberry Gelato

Have you ever indulged in a bowl of authentic gelato? If you have, you know how much of a treat it is. Nothing falls short of perfection when we talk about the Blackberry Gelato strain by Balanced. Whether you’re hitting a pipe or you’re licking your spoon with the real deal, you indeed won’t be able to tell the difference. 

Blackberry Gelato strain is known for its instant buzzy effects. Its pungent smell of fresh fruit mixed with gasoline fuel will smack anyone in the face. When first consumed, you’ll be giggly for a while.

Once that wears off, this heavy Indica flower hits you hard, and from there, it’s goodnight; sleep tight. Blackberry Gelato sits at an elevated 27% THC level and is a perfect blend of its parent strains; Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. 

Blackberry Gelato by Balanced is available for purchase on Eaze. You can grab yourself an ⅛ of flower for $56 if you’re in LA or surrounding areas. Blackberry Gelato can also be purchased in pre-rolls.

Sativa Flower


If you’re looking for a good wake and bake, Zoink by Balanced is it. This sativa-dominant strain will remind you of a morning mimosa on the beach with the sun shining brightly on your face. It’s the perfect pick-me-up you need to start the day off the right way. 

Some sativa strains can be overwhelming, especially first thing in the morning! Trust us, though, when we say that this flower is an exceptionally excellent experience. Sitting at 27% THC, you can expect to feel energetic, happy, creative, and relaxed throughout its long-lasting high. Due to its citrus, earthy notes, this flower strain is known to help relieve inflammation.

Zoink by Balanced is available for purchase on Eaze. You can grab yourself an ⅛ of flower for $56 if you’re in LA or surrounding areas. Zoink strain can also be purchased in pre-rolls.


The company prides itself on delivering an out-of-box high-end experience with cannabis, and it doesn’t go unnoticed when it comes to the packaging of its collection.

All flowers are packaged in ⅛ glass containers, and the THC-A infused pre-rolls, and premium flower pre-rolls are nicely packaged in a glass doob tube. 

Final Thoughts

This brand lives up to everything they say they are. If you’re looking for a cannabis experience that will leave you feeling boujee and refreshed, the Balanced collection is for you.

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