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Best CBD Bath Bombs

Undoubtedly the easiest way to get some CBD into your wellness routine.

If you’ve spent any time on Herb, you probably know CBD offers people a wealth of health benefits. Growing evidence suggests the cannabinoid could help people manage conditions ranging from anxiety to psoriasis to the effects of CTE.

CBD bath bombs are not only the height of luxury, but they are one of the most inexpensive forms of cannabis therapy. For people who aren’t sure exactly how they’d prefer to consume CBD, hopping in the tub is about as low maintenance as it gets. Once you get them out of their packaging, all you have to do is drop them in a warm bath and relax—they take care of the rest.

Whether you’re hormonal, cranky, in pain or just need some quality shut-eye, there’s a CBD bath bomb ready to rescue. With bath bombs, there are no preparations necessary. Not to mention, these bath bombs are colorful and mesmerizing to watch fizz and dissolve, stoned or not.

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

CBD bath bombs can be useful to treat all manner of ailments. One thing that makes them appealing to people, no matter their particular predicament, is that they provide relief, completely smoke-free. If you feel a cold coming on, the steam from a hot bath on top of the essential oils from a bath bomb can speed up recovery, and you don’t have to worry about putting any extra taxation on your lungs. Or, if it’s been a day and you seriously need to chill, bath bombs can stabilize your mood and bring on the calm with way less effort than rolling a joint or loading a vaporizer.

CBD bath bombs are also beneficial to the skin and will leave you moisturized and glowing in no time. A warm bath, even without CBD, hydrates the skin by boosting blood flow and opening your pores. Moreover, the heat allows maximum absorption, meaning your skin will quickly and easily soak up the bath bomb’s benefits and essential oils, leaving you clean and luminous. Then, there’s CBD, which is not only a powerful inflammatory but is also packed with supporting vitamins and additional moisturizing properties. Couple CBD with other essential oils, and naturally, you increase the benefits.

Above all, though, CBD bath bombs are a fantastic and fun way to relax. The combination of essential oils, CBD, and of course, a bath, really sets the right type of mood. Throw on your favorite comfy clothes after and you’ll feel like a brand new person. Just like you would be stepping out of a spa, except you didn’t spend a fortune and didn’t have to leave the house.

Side Effects of CBD Bath Bombs

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

Again, with CBD bath bombs, prepare for ultimate relaxation. When I first tried a CBD bath bomb, I was in the tub for a good hour, maybe even an hour and a half. I could have if I’d have felt like it, but I really, really didn’t want to. CBD bath bombs are non-psychoactive, so they won’t get you stoned and ruin your ability to function.

CBD bath bombs are relieving, both mentally and physically. Between the aromas of the essential oils and their benefits and the therapeutic qualities of CBD, you can expect a tranquil experience.

CBD bath bombs could very well be the TLC you need, regardless of why you need it. They’re legal, you don’t have to smoke them, and they’re good for you. Nothing comes without a drawback, however. Those long soaks can result in seriously pruney fingers.

As a huge fan of CBD bath bombs and their therapeutic effects, I couldn’t be more excited to present to you the best CBD bath bombs for pain, anxiety, and more.

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Anxiety

Tranquil – Sunday Goods

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On those days when your heart is racing and overthinking mode is in full effect, slip into a warm bath and relax with Sunday Goods Tranquil CBD bath bomb. Tranquil combines aromatherapy and 25 mg of cannabis to combat anxiety. Infused with essential oils lavender and bergamot, Tranquil not only relaxes you but also provides euphoria (but not a high) and happiness. Unlike THC, the CBD will work against your anxiety, not with it, giving you the relief you need to push through the day.

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Pain

Bomba da Bagno – Bella

Whether its muscles or menstrual, Bomba da Bagno by Bella is a sweet pain reliever. This CBD bath bomb is a painful period must have. Not to mention, it comes in handy after a tough workout at the gym. Available in an Italian Rose Scent to excite your senses as well as unscented for pure medicated relief, Bomba da Bagno features hemp-derived botanical oil and the purest essential oils that are stimulating for the body and mind. In addition to alleviating pain and removing negative thoughts, Bomba da Bagno rejuvenates and hydrates skin, giving it a silky smooth feel.

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Sleep

CBD Lavender Bath Bomb – De La Beuh

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Between our minds and bodies, a good night’s rest is something a lot of us are missing in our lives. From time to time, our thoughts keep us up at night, and so do our bodies when they ache. One fun and fizzy antidote to sleep deprivation, which is known for causing all sorts of other problems including respiratory infections, is De La Beuh’s CBD Lavender Bath Bomb. Infused with 30 mg of CBD and lavender,  this bath bomb can improve sleep in a variety of ways.  Aside from reducing anxiety and emotional stress, it has the potential to alleviate headaches. And it features the most relaxing scent and transforms tub water into a luxurious purple sea.

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Arousal

Arouse Bomb – Canna Bath Co

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The Arouse Bomb by Canna Bath Co is everything you need to get turned on and make things steamier in the bathroom, whether it be with a partner or alone. The Arouse Bomb stimulates romance and promotes relaxation and pain relief. Infused with 60 mg of CBD and Jasmine Ylang Ylang, the Arouse Bomb features an adorable red heart on top and is made for sensitive skin. Also, it relieves inflammation and muscle fatigue, so it’s perfect for dropping in a tub after satisfying sex to get you in gear for round two.

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Mood

Relax – Kush Queen

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Have a chip on your shoulder? If so, then relax and melt away a bad mood with the Relax CBD Bath Bomb by Kush Queen. Relax contains 25 mg of CBD along with organic lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils, all of which work together to stabilize the mood and relax the body at the same time. These combined ingredients also combat anxiety, stress, and inflammation, three conditions that can cause irritability collectively and individually. This bath bomb is just the thing you need at the end of a long day, or even before work.

Best CBD Bath Bombs For Immune System

Shield for Immunity – Kush Queen

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Flu season is among us, so our immune systems could use a serious boost. For that, you need the Shield for Immunity CBD Bath Bomb by Kush Queen. The Shield bomb won’t just strengthen the body and immune system to help prevent the flu, but also common colds, using 100 mg of pure CBD and clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and other natural botanicals. If you are traveling soon, especially via public transportation, be sure to soak in Shield beforehand. That way, you’re less likely to catch something along the way.

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