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Best CBD Coffee: The Top 10 CBD-Infused Coffees To Buy In 2024

If you want something to help you supercharge your mornings while keeping your calm, then CBD-infused coffee is just what you need. These are the best ones out there.

Grabbing a cup of Joe every morning is the first thing I do. Probably the first thing you do as well.

We do so for one reason:

It helps us get our day started and allows us to feel “unstoppable”. At least that’s what it does for me.

The only downside is that when I go overboard on caffeine, my anxiety kicks in. Heart palpitations and even a lack of focus are how it usually goes down for me. But there’s no longer a need for that anymore.

CBD-infused coffee combines the best of both worlds. The uplifting, energy-giving, power-boosting effects of coffee, with the relaxing, focus-enhancing, chill-hitting properties of CBD.

What Is CBD Coffee?

What is ‘CBD anything’, really?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid most commonly extracted from the hemp plant. A non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species.

You’ve probably heard of marijuana or ‘weed’, the other variety of Cannabis sativa.

And let’s face it, if you made it all the way to a Herb landing page, you’re 100% familiar with weed. But you might not be all that acquainted with hemp just yet.

Unlike marijuana, hemp contains a high amount of CBD and a low amount of THC. Marijuana is the other way around; it has a high amount of THC and a low amount of CBD.

Because THC is the only psychoactive cannabinoid found in Cannabis, this makes hemp a non-intoxicating plant. Even better yet, hemp is federally legal across all 50 states in the U.S. But that doesn’t even begin to explain what CBD coffee is.

When extracted, manufacturers can take CBD and use it to infuse finished goods with it.

In this case, those manufacturers are coffee companies and the infused products are Grade-A coffee beans.

Benefits of CBD Coffee

CBD holds a wide range of potential benefits and effects on the human body. The most popular being:

  • Antiemetic Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Pain Relief and Localized Analgesia (for topicals)
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation
  • A Boost of Focus & Energy

But these are the generic effects and benefits of CBD. Meaning that most of these will be present in pretty much every CBD product and consumable out there. Perhaps topicals being the exception as they are often meant to provide localized superficial effects like pain relief and hydration (among others).

When it comes to CBD coffee specifically, the benefits ought to be strictly tied to the consumption method itself:

  • More accurate dose of CBD.
  • May provide better bioavailability than water-soluble CBD oil.
  • Faster absorption rate than non-infused CBD.
  • Coffee keeps the flavor intended by the manufacturer.
  • CBD and caffeine can balance each other out.
  • Adds stress, anxiety, and pain relief to your daily cup of coffee.

The 10 Best CBD Coffee Brands On The Market

As long-time cannabis enthusiasts, we strive every day to get to know the best and most promising CBD brands in the world. It was particularly our pleasure to get to know a bit more about brands that merge the two things that manage to always make it into our daily routines.

Sträva Craft Coffee

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Sträva makes premium CBD infused coffee with an all-natural broad-spectrum CBD infusion process that helps manage pain inflammation, calm the mind while promoting focus, managing stress & anxiety, and promoting a night of more restful sleep.

Although that last one might sound like a contradictory one when it comes to drinking CBD right before bed, but Sträva also offers a Decaf CBD Coffee option that throws contradiction right out the window.

Brands like Sträva take the CBD coffee-making business to a whole different level that you’ve never seen before. As you would expect, Sträva sells whole bean + ground coffee that’s ready for grinding or brewing. I personally prefer to buy my coffee in bean form when there’s a coffee grinder at hand, but I’m not particularly a fan of having to grind my coffee in the blender.

Thankfully, Sträva gives you both options.

If this still doesn’t cut it and you’ve grown accustomed to Nespresso Pods, they have your back as well. Specially developed for those who seek the quickness and strength of a home-brewed espresso shot along with all the benefits of Sträva’s original CBD-infused coffee.

And they didn’t stop at Nespresso. You’ll also be able to find all the fantastic benefits of a good old Strava coffee in K-Cup 2.0 compatible capsules.

Bearded Man Coffee

Bearded Man CBD Infused Coffee ties one of the world’s most consumed products and levels it up several notches by incorporating a modern wellness practice into every morning cup of joe. Bearded Man are compostable K-Cups specifically designed to store freshly ground coffee and offer the convenience of an accurately measured & dosed 20 mg of Extract Lab’s award-winning CBD isolate.

But Bearded Man has a distinguishing difference. Common K-Cups on the market are not only wasteful, but the plastic containers do not allow for the appropriate storage of freshly roasted coffee. On average, most coffee roasts require 5 – 10 days of off-gassing – releasing CO2 – before they are ready to consume.

Nothing beats fresh coffee, but if you can’t store it, you can’t get it. As Bearded Man likes to say.

This is why Bearded Man K-Cups are packed with freshly roasted coffee in compostable k-cups that allow the coffee to breathe, and therefore, do not keep the CO2 trapped inside.

Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee

Green Roads is a CBD brand that has been around for a while. They are a reliable CBD brand that’s slowly becoming a go-to for many CBD enthusiasts. Gummies, roll-ons, tinctures, pet products, you name it, they got it and they’ve infused it with CBD just for you!

Well, it turns out they do CBD-infused coffee as well.

Not only that:

They have it in two different but equally delicious flavors. French Vanilla Hemp Flower Coffee and Hazelnut Hemp Flower Coffee.

CBD American Shaman Coffee

CBD American Shaman is one of those online CBD market places where you can find anything you’re not able to find anywhere else. Not because they only make the difficult products to find, but because they make literally everything you can think of in the CBD industry.

And the best part is that they do everything with exceptionally high-quality standards.

This also goes for their Single Serving K-Cups of coffee as a cannabinoid (CBD) supplement. One K-Cup is one serving. No need to measure or mix. Harvested and processed without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Body types and conditions are unique, so there’s no recommended daily amount as is the deal with every CBD product you purchase.

Kickback Hemp Infused Coffee

I personally love when brands focus on a single product category. Regardless of whether they’re CBD-focused or not (which does help as well), I really appreciate it when a brand is dedicated to a specific type of product.

In my eyes, this means they are passionate about the product they’re pitching you and could actually be real experts in what they do. In other words, it adds validity to the product.

Kickback is one of those brands.

A brand specifically focused on CBD drinks that are preservative-free and made with all-organic ingredients.

On top of their delicious CBD-infused fruit-flavored drinks, they are now making the OG Cali Daze pictured above and the OG Cali Rise Hemp-Infused Ground Coffee.

OG Cali Daze is a low acidity dark roast made with single-origin arabica coffee beans from Oaxaca, Mexico. It has undertones of brown sugar, nut, and cocoa, as well as citrus and spice fragrances. The Cali Daze has more of a relaxing effect at 120 mg of active CBD per bag.

On the other hand:

Cali Rise is a medium roast coffee that is smooth and mild, low in acidity, with cedar, butter, and nutty undertones with a floral aroma. The arabica coffee beans in Cali Rise come from Chiapas, Mexico, and each bag has 90 mg of broad-spectrum nano CBD.

Diamond CBD Chill CBD Coffee

Diamond CBD makes all sorts of CBD-infused products but their Chill CBD Coffee particularly stands out.

Chill CBD Coffee is a convenient and delicious way to benefit from 25 mg of high-quality CBD and enjoy a robust cup of coffee. Each convenient and ready-to-go coffee pod delivers a dose of CBD and rich artisan coffee in every flavorful cup.

Diamond CBD Chill CBD Coffee pods come in a 4-unit pack.

Bean & Bud CBD Coffee

Bean & Bud is yet another brand that carries the name of everything they do well; Perfectly roasted coffee beans and expertly harvested CBD products.

Bean & Bud Balance CBD Coffee by Allo delivers a cup of coffee with just about everything you need to start your day. 100% Arabica coffee beans infused with full-spectrum CBD and blended with single-origin coffee from the El Diamante farm in Guatemala. The taste profile is robust and varied, with notes of brown sugar, hints of pear, and assorted floral flourishes.

Bliss is a cannabinoid-infused single-origin coffee bean that delivers stimulating notes of almond, citrus, and cherry, plus the taste of naturally sourced and processed high-quality coffee. Get blissed out and try this brand-new product today – you’ll never look at CBD-powered coffee in the same way again.

Allo is committed to sourcing both the highest quality CBD and coffee beans from hard-working farmers around the globe. Which contrary to forecast, actually makes coffee even better.

Willie's Remedy CBD Coffee

If there was ever a cannabis advocate and enthusiast you should listen to, it’s probably Willie Nelson. He’s 87 years old, still going strong, and incredibly successful to say the least.

Willie’s Remedy is a bit of CBD in a strong cup of morning coffee.

Willie’s Remedy can be found in Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and Light Roast varieties.

Willie’s Remedy Coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted, then infused with organically grown, full-spectrum hemp oil from independent U.S. farmers. The final result is a balanced cup of joe that provides the natural lift characteristic of coffee and the perfect harmony of focus that has come to represent CBD.

Creating Better Days CBD Coffee

Creating Better Days makes the Rise N Relief Medium Roast coffee. A nano CBD coffee made with handpicked Arabica beans that have been neatly ground and packed into convenient K-Cups.

The resulting product is a Brazilian Breakfast Blend with a soft body, hearty aroma, and an exceptionally unique Blueberry & Black Currant flavor. Each box brings 12 cups of freshly packaged coffee, each accurately dosed with 10 mg of CBD.

Tranquility Tea CBD Coffee

Tranquility Tea has made it onto some of Herb’s drink lists because they make exceptional CBD-infused drinks. This time they come in with an extra swagger to their step due to this Organic Colombian roast coffee bag.

Each bag contains 900 mg full-spectrum CBD and less than 0.1% THC. This 12 oz bag of ground coffee can last up to approximately 36 servings per bag and roughly 25 mg CBD per serving

How To Make CBD Coffee

Photo by Antonioguillem / Adobe Stock Photo

Making CBD coffee is actually quite easy if you’re planning to make it at home at least.

There are two main types of CBD coffee you can choose from:

  • CBD-Infused Coffee Beans: While this may sound repetitive, it’s actually not. CBD-infused beans or ground coffee is dosed with CBD during the roast process of the beans. Although we’re not really experts in this part of the process, we do know who is. So stay tuned down below.
  • Coffee with CBD Oil: Some companies make water-soluble CBD oil that you can add to your cup of coffee after you are done brewing a fresh cup of Joe. Yep, you can make your own CBD coffee if you think that fits your interests better. So, if you have already decided on your favorite coffee and don’t plan to change brands just in order to consume CBD, this is always an alternative.


Pouring oil into a cup of normal coffee can be counterproductive on several fronts.

Because you’re combining your coffee with CBD oil, the resulting taste might not be exactly what you have come to expect from your favorite coffee. Additionally, CBD-infused coffee beans may provide a better bioavailability and faster absorption rate.

In other words:

We suggest you stick to purchase CBD coffee that has been infused for you. Keep both coffee options in your cupboard and pick and choose depending on what your CBD and coffee needs are each day. This enables you to use oil sublingually when you require a faster onset and CBD-infused coffee when you’re not in a rush for the CBD to kick in.

And this way you can still have your favorite coffee brand without having to sacrifice on taste… EVER.

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