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How To Clean A Dab Rig In 5 Easy Steps

We know how boring it is to clean a rig. However, proper cleaning is vital if you want to get the most out of it. Here's the easiest way to do it.

Dab rigs can be fun and exciting, but trust me they are one of the messiest ways to smoke. While the beautiful moments it guarantees can be unforgettable, maintaining your dab rig can be an issue. You already know for a fact that dab rigs are expensive, right? Replacing faulty parts is no fun at all!

Cleaning your dab rig helps you to keep your dab rig working and this will last you for long years of usage. Additionally, you enjoy a better smoking experience with your dab rig, if it is kept clean at all times. All of these are tips of the iceberg regarding the benefits you enjoy on a dab rig. 

Whether your dag rig is blackened from resin, irrespective of the outlook, it can be cleaned up to look fresh as a newly built dab rig. This sounds interesting, after all.

This article will detail everything you need to know about your dab rig maintenance, how and what to use. This way, you will have the best dabbing sessions possible.

Cleaning Dab Rigs

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There are many reasons you need to get rid of resin; we couldn’t give it a complete dive in the introduction but let’s kill it here for you. When your dab rig is dirty, it affects the overall functionality of your rig. More importantly, you will have the extra burden of keeping your rig free of bacteria and mold, as moisture and heat can make this happen. 

The goal is to enjoy a good and healthy smoke and not put your health at risk, and if cleaning your dab rig guarantees this, then it is just fine to do so. 

Emptying the water in your dab rig after every smoke is a bit of free health advice that you won’t get anywhere. This simple task reduces the growth of bacteria in the water! 

An excellent way to keep your dab rig clean will be to clean it after a 3-6 months interval, but if you are a heavy dabber, you will need to be cleaning your dab rig more often.


When it comes to cleaning your dab rig, you will need a couple of tools to get the job done and get you going; among this list is: Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, dabber tools, and a dabbing torch.

This list is not all-inclusive; however, it presents a perfect way to get started on your dab rig cleaning goal and get it done. 

Torch & Dab Tools

Your dab rig can come in different variants; each makes a peculiar configuration that sets it apart and gives you a unique way to clean your dab rig and get it ready for use. Your dab rig nail can either be made of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium. 

Glass Dab Rig

The most important element of your dabbing is, of course, your rig. They can be all-glass or a combination of glass with other metals like aluminum, there are even electronic dab rigs. Glass rigs come in all shapes and forms, from the simple three-pieced rig to the more funky looking pieces with multiple parts. 

Cleaning a glass dab rig can be tricky if your device is one of those that has a lot of parts. To keep it simple, get a basic dab rig like the Papaya from Famouz Brands.

Cleaning it is just a matter of disassembling its three pieces and soaking them in rubbing alcohol. Plus, it doubles as a bong!

Quartz Banger

A quartz banger, also called a quartz nail, is used in tandem with your rig to heat your concentrates and deliver the vapor to your mouth. A Quartz banger is the most efficient way to dab. They offer a large surface area that is heated directly by your flame, making your concentrates evaporate and release more flavors than any other method out there.

Just as with the rig, you should be good with salt and ISO alcohol to clean it.

Bangers are pretty easy to clean, but they are prone to breakage. Make sure to get a durable one like this thick banger from Higher Standards.

Check out our guide of the best quartz bangers for more options!

Ceramic Nail

Ceramic nails are the preferred heating element for many dabbing fans due to their durability and longevity. Most people prefer ceramic nails because they deliver clean, smooth dabs with less hassle than alternative heating elements. Ceramic retains heat better than quartz or titanium, so you get the best out of your concentrates.

Ceramic nails are pretty easy to clean with rubbing alcohol. However, they have a slightly porous body that requires some actual rubbing to remove some hard-to-reach stains. Salt Rox will help you do that.

This ceramic nail from Boo Glass reaches superior temperatures and has a big bowl for cloudy, potent dabs.

Titanium Nail

When it comes to durability and heat retention, titanium nails are by far the best. They won’t break or snap, they don’t bend or warp at high temperatures, and because they’re completely unbreakable, you no longer have to worry about getting a replacement as long as you don’t lose it.

There are three methods to clean a titanium nail: salt and ISO, a torch, or boiling water.

Five Steps To Cleaning Your Dab Rig

Regardless of the kind of dab rig you are using, there is a cleaning formula that works, which we are about to discuss. Therefore, here are six ways to clean your dab rigs and accessories. 

  • Step 1 

Get a salt and alcohol solution: get a container of the size of your dab rig, and fill it with salt and alcohol. 

  • Step 2

Take your dab rig apart: it is easier and faster to clean it when the parts are dismantled and set apart; this way, you can pay attention to each part and its peculiarity. Cleaning is effective this way! 

  • Step 3

Shake your rig tightly; now that you have your parts detect, soak them in your solution and shake them tightly. This will help you to get off resin and leave you with little or nothing to do. 

  • Step 4

Rinse it with your dab rig now that you are done washing and soaking. Rinse it to remove pending resin and ensure you brush everything off; this way, you will have fantastic success with your work. 

  • Step 5

Dry your dab rig; once it is properly dried up, you can fix them and get going. 

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Dab Rig?

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First of all, it’s vital as it prevents possible diseases. And then, it just makes the overall dabbing experience more enjoyable.

To enjoy a refilling experience with your dab rig, cleaning it is an important aspect you cannot ignore. This is what makes the cleaning process an essential thing; it saves you from bacteria as well. So to have a clean fine smoke experience, you cannot escape having your rig cleaned up.

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