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Learn | 02.12.2021

15 Valentine’s Day Weed Gifts for Stoners

Nothing but love for the best weed gifts for Valentine’s Day.

You’ve prepped and saved up some money, you’ve thought about it, you’ve made gift lists of your own, tracked the on-a-whim interests of your partner, asked their parents’ and friends’ about the things they like, but you’re still not sure what to give them.

Valentine’s day is a tricky one when it comes to gifts. It’s one of those holidays that you feel like there’s something special that should be done about it, but nothing really feels right. Aside from a box of chocolates and a dinner date.

Stumped on what to get your kush king or queen? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have the gift guide for any budget to get the two of you vibing on a whole other level.

Stoner Valentine's Day: Weed Gift Ideas

From Valentine’s classics like chocolates to handy gadgets to help you smoke up, every gift has the herb in mind. And love too, of course.

While you’re checking it out, you might even find something to treat yourself to. Who says you can’t be your own valentine?

Your Favorite Cannabis Products Delivered By Eaze

stoner valentines day gifts eaze

Photo courtesy of Eaze

The 2021 Valentine’s Day celebrations will be remembered. Not just because it might be the day you finally get to hang out with that person you’ve been feeling a bit crazy for, but because the pandemic has put us into uncharted date territory, pushing us to trigger our creative minds when setting up a date or choosing a gift.

Due to the unique circumstances, the best choice for a gift appears to be a reliable delivery service with loads of product options. Eaze allows you to go through a complete weed product spread, including a whole section on Valentine’s Day deals, to be delivered on-demand to your doorstep. 

Want our recommendation? Check out what Circles has to offer. This California-based brand is designed to make the daily smoker feel comfortable with their love of cannabis. Offering a product portfolio that ranges from flower to prerolls and vaporizer cartridges for consumers, Circles is for consumers who enjoy variety and are looking to save money in the process.

Expand your circle by sharing with others with the same passion for cannabis with Circles’ laid back, colorful, and affordable products. 


Smoking Accessories and Soaps from Ritual & Rose

stoner valentines day gifts r&r

Photo courtesy of Ritual & Rose

R&R is a woman-owned business dedicated to creating aesthetically valuable pieces that do not ignore the importance of remaining functional. But functional doesn’t necessarily mean ‘ugly’, and Ritual & Rose understands that.

By creating organic ritual accessories that are worth being displayed, Ritual & Rose aims to normalize the use of cannabis and fight taboos behind it. An excellent option for a Valentine’s Day gift and a great example of an accessory that transcends what you would expect of a stoner is the Yellow Rose Pipe.

Another product you might want to consider is Ritual & Rose’s small-batch soaps. All-natural and scented with wonderfully rich fragrances like rose, vetiver, and blood orange. Aromas that seem to fit just right with Valentine’s Day festivities.


Five CBD Full-Spectrum Chocolates

stoner valentines day gifts five

Photo courtesy of Five CBD

It’s the perfect edible for those who prefer getting stoned to eating sugar. Made with organic cacao butter, coconut oil, and CBD-rich hemp extract, Five chocolates are naturally gluten-free. The distinct flavor is developed from natural flavorings and botanical extracts to provide an experience even discerning chocolate aficionados can enjoy.

Each Five CBD chocolates square contains 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC, evenly balanced for a convenient ratio and a well-balanced effect.

Take a few of these and spice up your romantic nights with a delicious, relaxing, and mildly intoxicating treat! Find them available in Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate flavors. If chocolate is not your thing, try their Daily Buzz Gummies for a more potent, fruit-flavored treat!


Herb's Limited Edition Sour G CBG Flower

stoner valentines day gifts sour g

Photo by Natasha Przedborski for Herb

What a better stoner Valentine’s Day gift than actual weed! Surprise your significant other this year with this newly released craft cannabis flower made by Herb in collaboration with Botany Farms.

Sour G is a rare high-CBG sativa. Think of CBG as the combination of CBD and THC. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid delivers both mind and body soothing effects, like cannabidiol, but it does not make you tired or foggy. Instead, it has uplifting and energizing THC-like properties but without getting you stoned.

Use this strain as your go-to to spice up any activity you have planned. You’ll feel a calm energy boost rush through you with every smoke, perfect for a chill and happy Valentine’s with your loved one.


A Bath Bomb Kit from Extract Labs

stoner valentines day gifts extract labs

Photo courtesy of Extract Labs

Gifts that feel more intimate are always a good idea for a somewhat ‘intimate’ holiday like Valentine’s Day. Something that seems to make sense right away is a CBD-infused bath bomb pack

Extract Labs Bath Bomb Bundle comes filled with a variety and value. Each CBD-infused bath bomb is packed with its own intention and personality that incorporates a potent blend of hand-picked herbs, flower essences & essential oils.

Extract Labs uses high-quality CBD isolate and a unique blend of gemstones that provide the body with deep healing properties and is a gift that perhaps opens up an avenue for a romantic, relaxing night.


The Ardent FX Valentine's Bundle

stoner valentines day gifts ardent

Photo courtesy of Ardent

Give your sweetheart a delicious cannabis evening with the Ardent FX bundle. It comes with the top-selling Ardent FX, the Infusion Sleeve for easy homemade infused edibles, and a Truffle Cup Kit along with a customized “high love you” one-hitter pipe.

The Ardent FX is an all-in-one cannabis kitchen that is designed to make mixing the perfect dose of gourmet cannabis-infused edibles as easy as baking a cake. It includes everything you need to make chocolate, lotions, tinctures, and more in one compact, mess-free package. You’ll bake chef-level edibles with no mess, hassle, or experience required.

Beautifully packaged in a custom printed box featuring drawings of hearts and love notes, this kit includes everything you need to make the best night ever for your stoner lover.


A Classy Session Goods Bong

stoner valentines day gifts session goods

Photo courtesy of Session Goods

If you have a toker date, there is probably no better gift for any holiday than a high-quality bong. Something you can exhibit on your coffee table and bring out whether you chilling with friends or trying to flash a little to your smoker friends.

The Session Goods Bong is a masterfully designed piece of glasswork made with the highest quality borosilicate glass and a silicone base that protects the piece against clumsy hands and slippery surfaces. A bong that brings together a stylish design and a WAY above-average efficiency into the cannabis smoking experience, producing plenty of perfectly filtered smoke and smooth rips every time.

Find the Session Goods Bong in charcoal, indigo, celery, and blush colors.


Botanicam's Romantic Bundle

stoner valentines day gifts botanicam

Photo courtesy of Botanicam

Any product called a ‘romantic bundle’ is something that was probably tailor-made to fit the Valentine’s Day holiday. But let us have a closer look at the company first. Botanicam is a trusted e-commerce and education source for the highest quality, most diverse hemp CBD products.

Products among which The Romantic Bundle stands out this time of year. The bundle comes with a Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil, a box of deliciously crafted Lulu’s CBD artisan chocolate truffles, and an optional bottle of Moon Mother Massage Oil for a truly intimate experience.

Awaken Arousal Oil is specially formulated for women. Lulu’s chocolates are fair trade, paleo-friendly, soy and gluten-free edibles made with 100% organic cocoa. If the Romantic Bundle does not sound like a gift worth giving for your date, then we also suggest taking a look at Botanicam’s Intimate Bundle and Love Bundle.


The DaVinci MIQRO

stoner valentines day gifts davinci

Photo courtesy of DaVinci

Sometimes a bong is not the preferred ‘weapon of choice’ or perhaps your Valentine is a weed smoker but you’re not. In that case, a nice portable vaporizer or vaping device will always make a great gift.

This option gets the smoke off your face or if you are both tokers, it’s possible that a DaVinci MIQRO ends up being a sweet addition to the household appliances. This high-end vaporizer is a small, sleek, and sophisticated-looking device made for precision dry-herb vaporizing.

All features are conveniently packed into a fit-in-your-pocket design made for cannabis connoisseurs.


CBDfx Vegan Gummies

stoner valentines day gifts cbdfx

Photo courtesy of CBDfx

As is customary, Valentine’s Day gifts are reduced to a nice box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. Perhaps we can keep the ‘sweet’ in the gift but change it up a bit this time around with these vegan treats from CBDfx that can help you improve multiple aspects of your life by delivering 50 mg of CBD per piece.

CBDfx understood that their products’ real value was their CBD content and how they combined it with other all-natural ingredients to make their gummies a wellness supplement. All of that, with unbeatable prices.

There is one CBDfx gummy for every user and every activity. Trouble sleeping? Go with their gummies with MelatoninTry their gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina for stress and anxiety. To help you improve your hair and nail health, use the gummies with Biotin. For dieting purposes, try the gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar. Or, get the multivitamin options designed to naturally support the overall state of men and women


Kush Kards

stoner valentines day gifts kusk kards

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

This year, you can skip the homemade Valentine’s Day card and opt for a Kush Kard instead. Flaunting retro vibes and adorable weed puns, these cards go a step above the average, run-of-the-mill Valentine.

For the handmade element that every good gift has, each card comes with a spot for you to gift your boo a pre-roll, a one-hitter, or even a doob tube. They won’t even have to search for a lighter; each Kush Kard comes with a match striker so they can light up your gift just like they light up your life.


CBD American Shaman Terpene-Rich Edibles

stoner valentines day gifts shaman

Photo courtesy of CBD American Shaman

If you happen to have a Valentine with a sweet tooth, then these edibles are something you NEED to checkout. Hard candies, gummies, brownies, and cookies are all incredible options.

Whether it’s sweets, salty snacks, or pillowy white bread smothered in peanut butter, CBD American Shaman has the perfect treats for a variety of taste buds and situations. All of their edibles are infused with nano-emulsified full-spectrum CBD (as well as terpenes for added flavor) and come in an array of gourmet flavors.

The Shaman has a super complete CBD edible line to satisfy everyone. Cookies and Krispy Cereal Marshmellow treats for the sweet-toothed; gourmet sour gummies for fruity flavors; and cheesy CBD popcorn for a saltier moment.


A THC Molecule Necklace

stoner valentines day gifts necklace

Photo courtesy of Rosa Vila Jewels

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, so why not show some love for weed at the same time? This THC molecule necklace lets your date subtly show off their passion for the herb while you show them how thoughtful you are.

The necklace comes in silver, but it’s also available in different options like black, gold, or rose gold so you can pick the one that best fits your boo. Maybe you can even roll them a joint to go with it to really get the Valentine’s Day vibes flowing.

A THC molecule necklace is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the scientifically-gifted stoner. Besides, it’s sure to be a conversation starter every time it’s worn.


Receptra Naturals Total CBD Wellness Set

stoner valentines day gifts receptra

Photo courtesy of Receptra Naturals

Wellness is a huge part of today’s consumable trends. A gift set packed with products with the sole intention of raising providing wellness to the user is not only a trendy gift but also a gift worth giving someone you love.

Receptra Naturals CBD Wellness Set brings products that will help anyone achieve a calm mind amidst the daily stress that anybody is subject to. The CBD Wellness Set brings a Rest+ Chamomile Tincture, Relax+ Lavender Tincture, and a Relief Turmeric Tincture.

This set is a holistic approach to wellness that touches on all the key aspects of a life well-lived; rest, relaxation, and physical relief.


Blazy Susan's Pink Rolling Papers & Cones Bundle

stoner valentines day gifts blazy

Photo courtesy of Blazy Susan

The Blazy Susan Rolling Papers and Cones Bundle offers you endless ways to add color to your Valentine’s celebrations. These rolling papers are made with high-quality unbleached rice paper and come in sweet pink color. With a cute, feminine design, you won’t question the fun-lovin’ mood they’ll give off when lighting up.

Whether you smoke joints or blunts, this sampler set of Blazy Susan papers will give you a taste of the pink goodies, as well as a variety of the different paper types that Blazy is known for. Perfect for a special Valentine’s date occasion!


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