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Learn | 01.17.2023

Blazy Susan’s One-Of-A-Kind Spinning Rolling Trays Keep Your Stash In One Place

Say goodbye to cluttered coffee tables and unorganized sesh spaces. Blazy Susan has arrived.

When we started smoking weed, the last thing we thought about was being organized. But with countries across the globe voting for legalization, smoking cannabis is becoming less of a stoner’s unhealthy habit and more of a ritual. 

We can safely say that smoking cannabis is far from what it used to be. This consumer evolution is taking place right before our eyes. Cannabis consumers everywhere are becoming much more responsible while adorning their space with weed-friendly decor, some of which double as unique rolling trays. 

Companies like Blazy Susan have shown us that being a responsible cannabis user is easier than ever. They’ve carved a unique lane in the industry by placing particular interest in other phases of the smoking process, like rolling, organizing, and displaying your cannabis and smoking accessories.

The brand provides an extensive collection of products, including extra functional rolling trays and the world-famous Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers. Learn more about Blazy Susan and some of their stand-out goods below. 

About Blazy Susan

As he was lounging on the couch looking at a cluttered coffee table, Blazy Susan founder Will Breakell came up with the idea of a spinning rolling tray to fix smoking organization issues for stoners everywhere. And the rest is history. 

That short epiphany prompted Breakell to launch Blazy Susan along with its flagship product, the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. Available in various colors and wood finishes that adapt to almost every cannabis user, there’s a Blazy Susan suited for every smoking setup.

Yet, the color that stands out the most in every Blazy Susan product is their signature and iconic pink. Perhaps most notable is their vegan, non-GMO, ultra-thin, and slow-burning pink rolling papers

Although the brand has launched various products, let’s see what made them so popular. See more information about the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Trays below.

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Trays

Photo By Blazy Susan

As mentioned, there’s practically an endless variety of colors, wood finishes, and options regarding the renowned Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Trays. These trays offer a new, cannabis-friendly twist on the classic lazy susan in your parent’s kitchen. 

Instead of spinning dishes, these rolling trays spin joints, papers, lighters, jars, grinders, pipes, dab tools, and anything else you need for a complete session. They come with unique cutouts and inserts designed to hold all your smoking paraphernalia while sitting pretty in the process. 

They were designed to organize your sesh tools while starting conversations about how special they can make any sesh space. The trays are 15.5″ in diameter, perfect for coffee and side tables. 

Each tray is made with locally-sourced premium-quality wood and is handcrafted in the brand’s hometown of Denver, Colorado. Blazy Susan’s Spinning Rolling Trays are sturdy, durable, and built to last. Needless to say, they’re also gorgeous. 

For more products and information about Blazy Susan, visit their website at

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