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Boston Hemp: Founded With Great Intention, From A Place Close To The Heart

Boston Hemp is a CBD specialized online store and craft cannabis shop full of goodies you will want to try.

Customers know what they want when Purchasing hemp products online.

Consumers need and want reliability and safety. Consistency and quality are also of high importance. However, one of the characteristics that will make customers return the most is the ease of purchase and the speed at which they get their stuff.

Boston Hemp has a well-curated lineup of products that ranges in inhalable, edibles, and accessories. Their products are top-tier and comply with the industry’s highest standards.

All the products in their online store are made with care and intent. So whether you consume for recreational purposes or rather enjoy the medicinal effects, there is something that Boston Hemp has designed for you.

About Boston Hemp

Boston Hemp was founded in 2018 by company CEO Brandon Gadles and his close friend Kevin Coyle. Their story began when they witnessed the benefits of CBD in their sick parents’ pain management issues while battling critical illnesses.

Brandon’s mother was dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy while fighting stage-four lung cancer, and Kevin’s father had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Hard to beat this company’s origin story when it is so deeply tied to helping those around them feel better.

Their story continues when both their parents showed improvement and symptom relief from using CBD. Their goal was to provide high-quality products to help others find some relief and assistance battling life challenges and diseases.

Boston Hemp provides the highest quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower available on the market. Their product is produced in New England.

Their CBD wellness products are made with the highest quality ingredients, organic or natural raw materials, and provide the best results.

How Does Boston Hemp Make Their Products?

Boston Hemp uses New England-grown hemp flower to craft their lineup of products. 

You can get your hands on products in the CBD, HHC, and Delta 8 cannabinoid lines shipped directly to your door, whether in Boston, nearby, or far from. You can even sign up for their newsletter containing the best VIP Boston Hemp deals and bundles available.

Boston Hemp carries some of the best strains of hemp flower. You can get your hands on vaporizers, edibles, concentrates, and more. There are also some incredible bundles and bulk candy packs.

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What Are Some of Boston Hemp’s Products?

The gummies available are delicious. Gummies are available in all three cannabinoids carried by Boston Hemp and vary in shape and flavor. For example, peach rings, sour gummies, sour gummy worms, tiny watermelons, octopuses, and many others.

When it comes to vapes, Boston Hemp has designed a disposable vape packed with flavor and power. You can find Jack Herer, Gelato, and Death Star strains in Delta 8 and THC-O presentations. These vapes are disposable and rechargeable, guaranteeing you get all the puffs out of the device.

If you rather dose on some rad Boston Hemp tinctures, you can find a whole wellness lineup made with full spectrum CBD oil. There are citrus, orange, strawberry, mint, lemon, berry, and unflavored options. They come in varying strengths and sizes; some are even enhanced with melatonin to help you sleep.

For those who instead try something more potent, you can pick your favorite out of wax, hashteroids, shatter, kief, badder, and rocks. Most are above 90% in the concentration of Delta 8, CBD, or HHC.

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Why Choose Boston Hemp?

Founded with great intention and come from a place close to the heart.

Boston Hemp is committed to excellence, providing users with reliable, safe products and striving to produce clean premium products and accessories.

Boston Hemp offers same-day order shipment from Monday to Friday if you order before noon. They also provide free priority shipping on orders over $50 and have a committed phone line in case you need to talk to someone immediately.

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