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Learn | 04.21.2023

Canadian Brand Ghost Drops Launches Medical “MOM” Portal For Consumers Nationwide

Accessing this legacy brand just got easier, thanks to a game-changing medical mail-order marijuana service.

You’ve likely heard of Ghost Drops. The brand’s epic lineup of strains and iconic hot pink packaging has become a fan-favorite among consumers in the great white north.

Now, Ghost Drops is giving every Canadian consumer access to their products and exclusive member-only goods through the upcoming launch of a medical MOM portal.

This brand was a force to be reckoned with in the legacy market. They generated immense traction through their MOM (mail-order marijuana) service, which supplied consumers across Canada with premium cannabis directly to their doors. It wasn’t long before Ghost Drops became the top-performing MOM platform before legalization.

Now, Ghost Drops is returning to their roots. The brand’s new medical MOM platform brings you an elevated version of their celebrated mail-order marijuana service. Not only that, but it’s changing the game for medical e-commerce sites nationwide.

Ghost Drops’ MOM platform is the first medical portal to showcase one exclusive brand: Ghost Drops. This is far from the usual medical e-commerce sites, packed with long wait times, mid-marijuana, and various brands.

Launching on 4/20, Ghost Drops is thrilled to ease the burdens medical patients have faced while providing easy access to their premium cannabis nationwide.

The site will give consumers the option of multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay. The new MOM platform will be available to consumers throughout Canada, even in provinces like Alberta and Quebec, who’ve patiently waited for access to Ghost Drops’ renowned products.

Sign up for the MOM membership and receive the following:

  • Special member pricing on exclusive products
  • Free shipping
  • Increased carry limites
  • Earn GhostDots loyalty points

But what’s in store for you? Everything. Members have access to all Ghost Drops products available in retail stores, not to mention exclusive members-only MOM products. Now’s the perfect time to try goods like Ghost Drops’ first live rosin product, Garlic Chem 1g Live Rosin, courtesy of award-winning legacy concentrate brand RosinStar.

And don’t fret. Ghost Drops will remain in retail stores for recreational consumers. The new medical MOM portal simply provides access to Ghost Drops’ premium cannabis products to consumers across the country.

Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo says in a press release that the brand built their “cult following through MOM in the legacy market. MOM is part of our origin story. Now, having successfully transitioned to the legal market and having brought our legacy following with us, we’re in a position to return to our mail order roots.”

To sign up for Ghost Drops’ medical MOM portal, visit or call 1-855-IM-YOUR-M.

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