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The 10 Commandments Of Smoking Weed

From vowing to never steal thy friend's lighter to always passing a joint to the left, these are the 10 commandments of smoking weed.

While getting high doesn’t come with a written manual, there are a few unspoken rules that every weed smoker should follow. If you’re not so much of a rule follower, consider them stoner guidelines.

The whole point of using proper weediquette is to improve your sessions and ensure you and your homies have an excellent experience. After all, if you want to be a cannabis connoisseur, you must act like one.

From vowing to never steal thy lighter to always passing a joint to the left, here are the 10 commandments of smoking weed.

Thou Shalt Not Hog Thy Joint

Unless you want to piss someone off, it’s best to keep the ganja moving. Otherwise, that will probably be the last sesh you ever have with your friends. Puff, puff, and always pass.

Thou Shalt Always Return Thy Lighter

Stealing is a sin amongst stoners, too. So be a doll and return the lighter, or else no one will trust you with one again. Even worse, you’ll become that one friend who always steals lighters.

Thou Shalt Contribute Thy Weed

Man in purple hoodie trading marijuana showing buds in the zip package

Showing up to a smoke sesh empty-handed is just plain rude. Always bring your own bud. Nobody likes a freeloader. When using someone else’s weed, always offer to cover them next session. It’s common stoner courtesy.

Thou Shalt Pass To The Left

Since man lit his first joint, the rule has always been to pass the weed to the left. If it’s just two of you, then it doesn’t matter so much. But when smoking with larger groups, passing to the left is simply an unspoken stoner rule.

Thou Who Rolled Thy Joint Must Have The First Hit

Rolling a joint can take great preparation and patience. For this reason, it’s only polite to let the one who does the work spark it and have the first hit. Don’t worry. You’ll get your turn.

Thou Shalt Never Complain About Another's Ganja

Unless it’s growing mold, never complain about someone’s weed. Not only is it impolite, but you’ll likely be kicked out of the session as a result. After all, they were nice enough to share it with you. Don’t complain about someone else’s weed unless you have something else to share.

Thou Shalt Come Clutch With A Killer Playlist

Of course, weed and music go hand in hand. Whenever you’re planning a session, whether it’s in a garage or the great outdoors, a killer playlist with weed-friendly tunes is a must. Check out our Herb Frequency playlist on Spotify.

Thou Shalt Never Soak Thy Joint

Nobody likes puffing on a wet joint. There’s always that one friend whose mouth has a saliva party all over the joint. Keep those lips dry, don’t put the joint too far in your mouth, and have some respect for the stoners you’re sharing with.

Thou Shalt Always Remain Curious

Part of what makes our community so special is the curiosity that led us to try weed in the first place. As the industry evolves, it’s only fitting for stoners to stay curious, dabble in new consumption methods, and experiment with cutting-edge devices.

Thou Shalt Never Feed Into The Stoner Stereotype

One of the most challenging parts about loving weed is avoiding feeding into the lazy stoner stereotype. Nowadays, many people use it for other reasons besides getting stoned. Do your part as someone in the cannabis community and represent our culture with pride and respect.

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