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Delta Extrax HHC Vape Cartridges Review: What You Need To Know

Wanna try HHC? Give these carts a chance.

HHC is a new cannabinoid that provides a modest high.

Several products infused with this potent compound are currently hitting the market, such as HHC-infused vape cartridges and HHC-infused disposable vapes.

It is currently a very popular and growing product category.

This cannabinoid is found naturally in small levels in hemp and must undergo a hydrogenation process to become a final product.

What Is HHC

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

HHC is the abbreviation of hexahydrocannabinol. It is a hydrogenated form of THC naturally present in hemp.

HHC is believed to be approximately 70-80% the strength of THC, which means it is less potent than THC but more potent than Delta 8 and Delta 10

By consuming HHC in small to moderate doses, euphoric highs similar to THC can be obtained, but with more relaxing and sedative qualities.

HHC Benefits

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As HHC is just beginning to be known, logically its benefits are currently largely unknown, but we are optimistic about them.

We could say that the benefits of HHC are mostly the same as those of THC. These benefits could include:

  • Appetite stimulation
  • Strong mental and body experience
  • Chilled
  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Help to overcome insomnia
  • Pain Relief
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Relief

HHC Effects

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

The high from HHC is similar to THC, generating a feeling of euphoria but slightly more relaxing and soothing.

Each person’s biochemistry and neurology are unique, so that some people may report a greater or lesser impact than others. That said, HHC can cause noticeable euphoria, visual distortions, cognitive impairments, and physical sensations. 

HHC usually has an initial euphoric and potent high, followed by a calming and mellow experience.

Delta Extrax HHC Cartridge Strains

Blue Widow

This Blue Widow HHC Cartridge is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It is part of the Hydro collection of Deltax Extra. This delicious blend comes from a spectacular cross between Blueberry and White Widow.

Its high is a mix between the uplifting traits of the sativa, together with the well-balanced characteristics of the hybrid. It is recommended to make only one or two puffs to establish individual tolerance.

These vape cartridges offer nothing but true-to-strain flavors, smooth extractions, and rounded highs.

This HHC cartridge is disposable. It is made with the highest quality ingredients, such as HHC distillate and terpene infusion. It also has laboratory tests to verify its quality.

Cherry Pie

The Cherry Pie HHC cartridge is a hybrid strain that has the best qualities of indica and sativa.

It is infused with the Cherry Pie terpene and the premium HHC distillate from Deltax Extra’s Hydro collection. It is a unique cross between Granddaddy Purp and Durban Poison strains. 

It has laboratory tests that guarantee the quality of the few ingredients used, ensuring purity and potency in each puff.

This HHC cartridge is disposable and is recommended to only take only one or two puffs to establish individual tolerance because HHC can be very strong.

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