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Learn | 02.10.2022

We Tried The Delta Extrax Vaporig, Here’s A Review

This is indeed one of the must-have accessories for dabbing enthusiasts.

The Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls from Delta Extrax is a practical and portable device that allows you to enjoy dabs and pearls in a unique and fun way.

This unit has a unique design that makes it elegant and practical. It also has a quartz tip that gives a greater flavor to each smoke. 

Here’s the full breakdown.


Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

The Vaporig allows you to vaporize your favorite concentrates easily and practically.

It is a device with a discreet and portable design, and its small size makes it easy to carry. It is made with durable materials of the highest quality; its design is simple but elegant. 

It has a ceramic tip that provides better flavor, maintains heat, and does not take as long to heat up.


Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

Its main features are based on the quality and durability of the product, which features a micro USB port for easy charging and a built-in 1,000mAh battery that will guarantee hours of fun. 

It also features a protected hard storage case, a water glass bubbler, and a replaceable tip atomizer. 

As a final detail, the device comes with an instant-heat quartz crystal tip.

Temperature Range

The device has three variable voltages displayed on the included button. These voltage variations allow you to adjust the desired temperature according to the needs of each smoking session. 

How To Use

To charge the device, plug the micro USB cable into the charging port to start charging. The lights will indicate when the device is charging and has completed the charging cycle.

Never use the device while it is charging. 

Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures or sunlight. The unit or accessories should not be dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

How To Clean

To clean the glass bubbler, remove the glass bubbler attachment, then pour alcohol into the nozzle until all the alcohol is expelled from the glass bubbler and finally let it dry.

To clean the heating tip and airway, remove the heating tip to open the chamber. Then dip the vapor tip in isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue. Then rinse it thoroughly with warm water and allow it to dry.

Remove the recovery chamber.

Dip the cleaning swab in isopropyl alcohol to help remove residue from the recovery chamber and inner air duct.

And finally, assemble the device again after cleaning the residues.

The glass bubbler holds the water in the device, so regular maintenance and discarding old water is recommended.

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