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Learn | 06.16.2022

Delta Munchies Gummies Review: Euphoria You Can Taste

From the tip of your tongue to the inside of your cannabinoid receptors, the Delta Munchies edible experience stands above the rest.

It’s no secret that the edible market is getting crowded quickly, particularly in the gummy department, which is why it’s essential to go about physical and online marketplaces with some knowledge of what will get you high. So if you’re looking for tasty and truly euphoric Delta-8 gummies, we must bring up the product offered by the fine folk at Delta Munchies.

About Delta-8 Edibles

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Delta-8 surged into popularity due to its close similarity to Delta-9 THC, most referred to as THC, the main high-inducing component of cannabis. However, because it is produced exclusively from 2018 farm bill compliant hemp, it’s federally legal and easy to find in most states.

Delta-8’s availability has made it an option for users of micro-dosing, and edibles such as these have become the most convenient alternative to this effect. Just pop them in your backpack or pocket and munch on one whenever you feel like it, no hassle, no judgment.

Effects Of Delta-8 Edibles

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The effects of Delta-8 are noticeably gentler than those evoked by THC, but still nothing to scoff at, particularly when in gummies such as those by Delta Munchies. Expect less of a haze when high off Delta-8, and similarly expect milder adverse side effects like cottonmouth, red eyes, or anxiety.

The high should also last you just as long as those you’ve experienced with THC. Tolerance plays a huge role in this, but the high off one of these gummies should do you for a couple of hours.

Despite it being labelled as softer than THC, take some time to get acquainted with the effects of Delta-8 before you hop on one of these bags like they were Skittles. Start low and slow and see how you feel as you increase dosage.

Delta Munchies Gummies

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The edibles section on the Delta Munchies website feels like a proper candy store. Here you’re not limited to generic flavors and presentations.

Besides your traditional gummy cubes, infused with 25mg Delta-8 THC each, available in Watermelon Runtz, Grape Gushers, and Tropical Punch, you’ve got an assortment of more exciting options.

The Delta Munchies gummy bears, for example, come packed with a hearty 30mg Delta-8 THC each, as do the watermelon slices and the sour bites. These three are the boldest of the bunch, both in terms of flavor and effects, and would be our recommendation if you’re looking to dive in headfirst into D8.

Microdosers might feel drawn to the peach rings, which at 10mg each, serve the task beautifully.

The catalog is broad, and the flavors are nice, but how’s the high? Well, we’ve had our fair share of D8 gummies in the past and we’re glad to say that these pass the test with flying colors. They provide a sumptuous high, that although slight, is long-lasting and properly euphoric. At times you might be battling to wipe the smile off your face.

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