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Learn | 10.06.2022

Do Your Flower Justice With Al Capone Wraps, The Premium All-Natural Tobacco Leaf

Always roll like a pro with Al Capone Wraps, the user-friendly slowest-burning blunt wraps on the market.

A stoner knowing how to roll a blunt is like a pilot knowing how to fly a plane; both are essential.

We understand there’s a vast array of consumption methods, from bongs and pipes to vapes and joints. Any seasoned user would agree that blunts are one of the most traditional and favored ways to consume cannabis, thanks to that buzzy head rush from tobacco.

The only issue is there aren’t enough cannabis users who know how to roll the perfect blunt. Even the most skilled rollers fumble their craft from time to time, mostly because of mediocre blunt wraps that rip and tear at the slightest movement.

Even if you know how to maneuver your way around a dry leaf by breathing and slobbering on it, sharing a wet and damp blunt isn’t the most inviting.

We’re here to help you avoid those issues and finally roll a blunt like a pro with Al Capone Wraps; the top-rated premium tobacco leaves used for rolling thick, slow-burning blunts.

About Al Capone Wraps

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Besides its sought-after blunt wraps, Al Capone tobacco products like its cigarillo line have been bulldozing the market for the last 25 years. It’s evolved into one of the fastest-growing product lines in the United States’ natural tobacco leaf and hand-rolled category.

Now, the brand’s all-natural tobacco leaf wraps are taking off. Al Capone launched its wraps after noticing the increasing demand for all-natural tobacco leaf wraps.

These premium wraps satisfy everything the roller needs when it comes to rolling the perfect blunt. Seriously, these are far from your average wraps, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to master this craft with help from a leaf that was carefully designed for rollers of different levels.

The Easiest Way To Roll A Blunt

Photo courtesy of Al Capone My Way

Not only are Al Capone Wraps the easiest way to roll a blunt, but the result is the slowest-burning blunt on the market that truly does your flower justice.

These convenient tobacco wraps come in three different, popular flavors:

Besides flavor, Al Capone Wraps come pre-cut to the perfect rolling size, making it easy for you to scale how many flowers you need each time around. They’re also quite stretchy enough so they don’t tear apart at the seams (or veins).

Speaking of veins, Al Capone Wraps have the smallest veins possible for a tobacco leaf. The wraps have a fine and silky texture that lets the user maneuver the roll carefully and effortlessly.

These wraps come with a self-adhesive strip for easy closing, meaning you don’t have to soak the blunt for it to seal shut. The result is the slowest burning, most flavorful, and most convenient blunt you’ll ever roll.

Finally, you can trust these wraps will always remain fresh since they come individually packed and sealed. Who knew that rolling the perfect blunt could be so easy?

For more information or to shop Al Capone Wraps, visit its website at

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