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Does Weed Help Or Hinder Creativity?

See how cannabis affects creativity and who can benefit from it.

Cannabis is praised for its many effects and benefits. While some use it to relax and sleep, others use the plant for a stimulating creative boost. 

Countless musicians, artists, producers, and writers look to weed for an extra spark during their creative process. However, cannabis doesn’t have the same effect on everyone. Interestingly, already creative people might not be boosting their creativity when using cannabis, but it can help the creative process. 

On the other hand, lesser creative people will experience a stronger creative sensation. Read on for more information about cannabis and creativity in the brain and whether this plant actually makes us more innovative.

Cannabis & Creativity In The Brain


Research has proved that cannabis can enhance creativity, but it won’t add more than what’s already there. Using cannabis causes an increase in blood flow to different areas of the brain, including:

  • The nucleus accumbens
  • The frontal cortex
  • The amygdala

While these regions are responsible for different functions, they’re especially busy when cannabis enters the picture, meaning weed can activate these regions in the brain and cause effects like euphoria, happiness, and enhanced creativity. 

However, not everyone will experience a creative boost when smoking weed. Interestingly, it’s usually the lesser creative people who experience it. Read on to learn more.

Does Weed Actually Make You More Creative?

This answer is tricky. Simply put, it depends on the person, which cannabis product or strain their using, and what their sober creativity is like.

Someone who’s very creative and loves writing, making songs, or doing art doesn’t necessarily get more creative after smoking weed. However, someone who’s not so creative and doesn’t frequently do imaginative activities might find themself more creative when high.

When creative and artistic people smoke weed, it helps them relax, see their ideas more clearly, and experience euphoria, which can feel like creativity. That lifted state can motivate them to finish their song, film, or artwork, which can often feel like creativity, even though it’s just a mix of euphoria-induced motivation.

On the other hand, that euphoric sensation in a non-creative person can help them think of new ideas and concepts that didn’t occur to them when sober. It can lift the veil between logic and fantasy and let them see the world from a different, more relaxed, euphoric perspective.

So, does weed help or hinder creativity? Cannabis may hinder creativity when using products high in THC. That’s because THC also increases blood flow to areas of the brain responsible for fear, anxiety, and paranoia. This usually occurs in beginners using products too high for their tolerance.

Final Thoughts


At the right dose for your tolerance, cannabis won’t cause anxiety and paranoia but will increase euphoria and thus lead to more mind-expanding creative thinking.

An already creative person might feel more relaxed and motivated during their work, while a non-creative person may have a better understanding of ideas and concepts they couldn’t grasp when sober.

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