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Dreaming Of Stylish And Functional Pipes? Pipe Dreams Has You Covered

Pipe Dreams is making our pipe dreams come true.

We want to help you smoke in style. Anyone who likes smoking weed could benefit from stylish additions to their smoking routine.

However, it can be difficult to justify spending half a paycheck on a luxury bong that only has one function, to help you smoke weed.

Luckily, the cannabis industry is quickly evolving to a space where accessing high-design smoking accessories is easier and more affordable than ever.

Brands like Pipe Dreams are helping dreams come true with reasonably-priced and high-end smokeware that you and your crew can celebrate. From Burger Lighters to Alien Abduction Water Pipes, here’s what to expect from Pipe Dreams.

About Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams is for the stylish stoner. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what gender you are: all products at Pipe Dreams are made for trendy people who love weed.

The brand was founded by award-winning content creator and co-host of the Pot Psychology podcast, Tracie Egan Morrissey. The brand’s products never fail to wow beginner and seasoned stoners with their beautiful, visually-appealing aesthetics and superb functionality.

If you consider yourself someone with style, it’s only fitting to smoke in style too. Pipe Dreams is here to make that dream a reality.

Pipes, Grinders, Lighters, And Ashtrays You've Been Dreaming Of

As mentioned, Pipe Dreams knows how to wow just about anyone, stoner or not. Below, we’ve highlighted our favorite products from Pipe Dreams in each category. Which will you snag?

Pipes: Alien Abduction Water Pipe aside, I’m dying to get my hands on the Ghost Pipe, pun intended. It was made by Rompotdo and is hand-cast in earthenware with a shiny glaze. Pull and pack your bowls from the flailing arms, and place the bong on a shelf as weedy decor afterward.

Ashtrays: The Half Circle Ashtray Teal from Pipe Dreams is one of the most beautiful ashtrays we could ask for. It comes in a few different colors, like the currently sold-out Mint shade.

Grinders: The Silicone Cloud Grinder is a stylish and functional addition to your smoking routines. Want a different feel? Opt for the Ceramic Cloud Grinder.

Lighters: The Perfect Joint Lighter is sleek, compact, rechargeable, and butane-free. It uses a small heated coil to evenly light your joints in style. Honorable mention to the Strawberry Lighter and Burger Lighter because they’re just damn cute.

For more products and information about Pipe Dreams, visit their website at pipedreams.fun.

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