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Learn | 09.19.2022

Ember Valley Produces Flawless Flower In Shasta County

An uncompromising dedication to perfection sets Ember Valley apart from your average flower brands.

From the taste and appearance to the aroma and experience, these are just a few things that make up good quality weed.

We know you’re constantly on the hunt for the best possible flower options that remain unmatched. No one wants to smoke reggie in the age of legalization.

That’s where Ember Valley comes in. It’s a brand that’s blazing the trail as true perfectionists in a sea of average flower, thanks to an uncompromising dedication to perfection.

The result is a surprising distinction between average weed and flawless flower, something Ember Valley is proud to produce time and again.

About Ember Valley

Photo courtesy of Ember Valley

If it’s not up to Ember Valley’s standards, it won’t make the shelves. It’s that simple.

The brand isn’t your average large-scale cannabis cultivating giant. You won’t ever see the company producing harmful climate-changing “biomass.”

Instead of focussing on production costs and other things consumers don’t care about, Ember Valley hones in on the little things like:

  • How smooth the smoke will be
  • The flavors and aromatics
  • The overall experience you achieve

The brand stays true to its California heritage and roots in Shasta County, producing some of the finest flower in the state for decades, even before it was legal.

With such experienced cultivators and an uncompromised dedication to perfection, the result is a consistently flawless and reliable flower you can depend on.

Behind The Scenes Of Ember Valley

When choosing which strains to produce and sell, Ember Valley carefully examines the following:

  • Cannabinoid content
  • Terpene make-up
  • Flavonoid profile

Once selecting which strains they choose to produce, Ember Valley customizes environmental conditions to ensure each strain is grown to its best potential. This includes temperature control, picking the best nutrients, and knowing when it’s the perfect time to harvest buds.

Interestingly, Ember Valley has a longer drying and curing process than most brands, a stage that’s often overlooked by cash-grab cultivators. The brand carefully controls the temperature and humidity, making for a longer drying and curing process. You can taste the difference.

The brand’s beloved, expert, and experienced processors take time hand manicuring each flower and ensuring its appearance is up to par. They’re an essential part of Ember Valley’s careful process of producing only the best quality and headiest flower in the state.

After testing over 200 strains and sowing over 5,000 seeds, Ember Valley is proud to bring you its current menu with only the finest, flawless flower in California.

For more information or to shop Ember Valley, visit its website at

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