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Learn | 01.27.2022

Five Delta 8 Snacks For Your Next Party

These party snacks are the perfect way to dose Delta 8 for the first time. Created with Bay Smokes.

A party wouldn’t be a party without some dope snacks, and maybe a little kush too.

We want to help you celebrate with our favorite Delta 8 snacks from Bay Smokes, livening the evening with all sorts of unique and tasty creations dosed with 600 mg Delta 8 THC per bag.

Because edibles take longer to kick in than smoking, we suggest eating 1/4 bag and waiting about an hour until you decide to scarf down the whole thing.

Flamin Hot Cheetos

Who can resist mouth-watering and fiery Hot Cheetos? The only thing that could make that experience better is a dose of Delta 8, and Bay Smokes made that dream a reality with their Delta 8 Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Dank Funion

For a salty and savory treat, opt for Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Dank Funion. There’s always someone at the function who loves funions, so make their day with these bad boys. But make sure to start slow as these snacks pack a heavy punch.

BBQ Chips

Perhaps one of the most sought-after snacks on the market is BBQ Chips, and we were truly surprised to see them in Delta 8 form. Thanks to Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 BBQ Chips, we’re now crunching our way to a sharp and energetic high.

Animal Crackers

As a child who grew up eating animal crackers, would you have ever thought that you’d be munching on this snack as an adult, especially ones dosed with Delta 8 THC? Get your fix of nostalgia and Delta 8 with Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Animal Crackers.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When all is said and done, and dessert is nowhere in sight, grab some Delta 8 Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bay Smokes and ensure that you’re night doesn’t stop there with help from these scrumptious Delta 8 treats.

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