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Flower Mill’s Newest Product Lets You Part Ways With Your Old Grinder

Instead of using a sharp-toothed grinder that rips apart your bud, why not use the Mill for a fluffy canna-crumble?

Taking immense pride in building connoisseur-grade smoking products is Flower Mill, a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators dedicated to solving consumption issues by creating products that bring consumers joy and ease with each sesh.

Anyone who discovers the Flower Mill is constantly impressed by its revolutionary creations that align with the modern cannabis industry’s complex flower and individual strains. One of the company’s best ‘ready-to-use’ products comes in the form of a Mill…a unique and evolved take on the grinder.

Flower Mill explains that a Mill is “industrial processing” in the palm of your hand. Because cannabis flower offers such unique and distinct properties, Flower Mill felt there weren’t enough grinders on the market that give consumers the freedom to choose which is best for the herb of their choice.

Flower Mill wants to help all cannabis lovers get the best experience possible with high-quality products and technology accessible to all. Enter the Mill; we can’t even describe it as a grinder because this product doesn’t grind your precious herb; it crumbles it into a soft, fluffy, and pillowy texture that’s ideal for rolling joints and packing bowls.

Say goodbye to sharp-toothed grinders that are almost impossible to clean with complicated designs. Other issues with average grinders are the dangerous materials and coatings that could contaminate your herb, wasteful build-up, and difficulty grinding compact buds.

Flower Mill wanted to toss those worries out the window with the Mill, a toothless and bladeless design made with food-grade stainless steel with a large capacity to hold up to 2x the herb your regular grinder can. Additionally, the Mill crumbles your herb far faster than toothed grinders and allows you to change the consistency of your bud with the replaceable Mill-Screens.

With ¼ Turn lower catch and modular design, the Mill will not only stand the test of time, but it’s ideal for individuals with arthritis who need an easier and less strenuous method to crumble herb. Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to clean, comes with a magnetic lid closure, and is ready to help you make the most of your favorite strain.

An exclusive interview with Flower Mill

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill USA

Where is Flower Mill based, and how does your company align with your area's cannabis laws and regulations?

Flower Mill is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Fully Legal state.

What is Flower Mill's mission, and how do you plan to make it a reality?

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Flower Mill’s mission is to create products that bring people joy.

Our second mission is to tell every lover of flower in the world about the Flower Mill and how it can better their experience – you’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees once they’ve seen the difference for themselves. But in that nerdy sense where you are stoked about being the person who told someone about a product that you know they’re going to fall in love with the second they use it.

Our plan to tell the world starts by making sure we have quality products in everyone’s price range. Quality meaning, built to last, truly useful, and always a joy to use. (Top shelf customer service as well!) Our main goal is easy to live out and tie into this as well.

Why are accessibility and consumer joy essential to Flower Mill's beliefs?

Because it’s such an important job – this is something you use every, single day, multiple times a day – an underrated task which is often delegated to novelty akin to a toy for most people. We are selling a buy-it-for-life product that has no cutting surfaces that wear down over time.

What inspired the creation of the Mill, and why did Flower Mill want to create a modern grinder that handles cannabis more carefully than what's available on the market?

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill

Flower Mill started with a group of three friends who just wanted to put energy into fixing the problems we did not like about our personal grinders – like not having all the material fall all the way to the bowl from the holes in the screen, We wanted there to be higher quality materials used, not just cheap coatings. Just a general lack of care in the design for a tool that is used every single day by it’s owner

I can split this up into two different directions:

The quality of cannabis is absolutely wild right now. As cliche as it is to say, it truly isn’t the same stuff that a generation before us smoked. Bud is now grown in such a high quality way, with great attention to every nuance that the 100+ year old tooth grinder just isn’t up to the task anymore. Now that the veil is taken off the cannabis world, companies can now find ways to better preserve the cared for product right to the point of consumption – think of it just like a coffee bean, The freshest cup of coffee comes from a whole bean ground just before extraction, and just like grinding a coffee bean, the quality of the tools to do it vastly impacts the flavor and characteristics of the bean.

The second thing is something that wasn’t initial to us. Many people who have fallen in love with the mill and its design are users of cannabis due to arthritis and other physical ailments which makes conventional grinders nearly impossible to use. There is often a huge compromise in grind-quality for this demographic. The flower Mills design will never leave you struggling to overcome the force of all the teeth shearing the flower at once, or coming across a stem and completely locking up. It rolls and crumbles the bud with an amazingly low amount of effort.

Does Flower Mill believe that grinders on the market aren't giving consumers the complete experience their favorite strain has to offer?

We really do believe that the quality and customer experience is missing in the grinder world. We feel that we have a true ear to the ground with what our clients want and how they use and consume – they have experience, and they know what they are looking for and we want to hear it so we can get it just right.

We are real, reachable and we want to make high-quality products that people get joy from using daily

Could you describe how the Mill works and how it crumbles herb without the need for sharp grinder-like teeth?

It’s kind of hard to get your head around, but there is no cutting action at all happening inside the Flower Mill.

Here is exactly what’s happening inside the mill: When you toss your flower in the top (whole bud – no need to break it down first) the twisting back and forth motion is actually gripping the bud and rolling it across the screen and the pressure from your hand and the magnets applied at the top the bud starts to crumble and break apart completely naturally.

The result is an insanely fluffy consistency, rich in aroma. It makes for some of the smoothest burning and extraction processes possible. Manufacturers of high-end pre-roll filling machines have been aiming for this consistency with the grinders they use, knowing that consistency is the best pack and burn possible. (Another place you’ll see us soon)

What materials is the Mill made of, and how do they differ from the dangerous materials and coatings used in existing grinders?

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When we chose stainless steel – we knew we couldn’t do the whole thing because stainless steel is so heavy. We chose to construct the body out of aluminum so it wasn’t like you were dropping a bowling ball into your backpack every time you needed to move the thing around. With this setup you have a complete food-grade stainless chamber performing the milling action on your bud.

What a lot of our customers notice over time is that the anodizing coating on tradition tooth grinders wears away on the leading edges of the deeth, leaving silver spots exposed. All of that erosion is consumed into your lungs – we really believe it’s our job to take seriously the tools we use to process this plant that’s meant to help people not make them sicker. Milling is so gentle, that even our aluminum models will not experience the same wear on the inside because it’s not cutting and shearing.

How can consumers change their bud's consistency through the swappable Mill Screens? How does that work?

Milling gives you much more precise adjustment of your finished consistency due to the nature of the crumbling process. As the bud is crumbled it falls through the holes in the screen below. Changing the hole size changes how long the material is crumbled. We sell 3 additional screen in our expansion pack to give the user full control.

We’ve made it really easy to change, too – Just spin off the stainless sleeve and pull out the existing screen and drop in your coarse or fine screen. All mills come with a medium screen, pre-installed. Medium is versatile which many will suit most general needs. But for those who consume bud in multiple different ways – you’ll understand the need to be swapping . Coarse is Chunky, almost like it’s been hand broken up. Fine, and extra fine produce highly consistent and fluffy results, all from whole bud.

Bud is different – all flower is different. For example, the density from indoor/outdoor grown. Having the ability to tune the consistency to your bud lets you enjoy the exact same experience in your device no matter how it’s been grown or what type it is. For people who really care about getting the most flavor and extraction out of their flower – you know that getting the right consistency is key.

How is the Mill easier to clean than your average grinder? Can you disassemble it for an easier clean?

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill USA

One of the things on our list to improve on the conventional grinder is how annoying it is to clean! The Flower Mill completely disassembles making your cleaning process done in a matter of a few minutes with no q-tips involved. Literally – Disassemble, soak, and wipe clean.

Besides the Mill, what other products does Flower Mill offer?

Well, even though it’s still technically a Mill… We’re about to drop the Mini Mill! It’s a 1.75” (44.5mm) version of our full size Mill, which makes it really convenient for on the go, but not just that… I think a lot of people will find it’s the perfect size for how they find themselves consuming these days.

It’s no novelty item either… It produces what most typical 2.5” tooth style grinders can despite its size, since there aren’t teeth taking up nearly 50% of the available space.

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