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No Weed But Lots Of Kief? Here’s How To Use It

Here are 3 ways to use kief, and only kief, for joints, bongs, and pipes.

We’ve all been there before. Going in for a sesh only to open your grinder and notice that it’s completely empty. Without any more herb to grind, all you’re left with is the potent and shimmering kief sitting in the lower compartment.

The only issue is most consumers don’t know how to use kief when they’re in a pinch and need a hit. This guide discusses 3 ways to use kief, and ONLY kief, for joints, bongs, and pipes.

Depending on what you’re using to smoke, you may need some extra tools like rolling papers, joint filters, a hair straightener, and parchment paper. Don’t fret; these techniques don’t take long and are incredibly easy. See which method you prefer below.

Using Kief For Joints

This is the trickiest way to use kief, considering it can slip around your rolling paper while rolling a joint. Still, it’s very doable. You just need a steady hand and some nimble fingers.

Expert joint rollers will have no problem rolling a kief joint. If you’re a beginner, just be careful your kief doesn’t spill out the ends. Without further ado, here’s how to roll a joint with kief:

Step 1: Get rolling papers, a rolling tray, a joint filter, and your kief.

Step 2: Start the joint as you normally would, placing the filter at one end of the paper. From there, make a cone. You could take the easy way and wrap your paper around a pen or pencil to ensure you have an even cone.

Step 3: Once you have a cone with a filter on the end, crumple a small piece of another rolling paper into a small ball. It should be small enough to fit inside your cone. Place the rolling paper ball in the cone so it’s right in front of the filter. There should still be room for airflow. This is meant to block the powdery kief from falling out from the filter end to avoid waste and Scooby snacks.

Step 4: Now that you have a blocker to protect your kief from falling through the joint, load your cone with kief. Fill it with as much or as little as you prefer. Just remember that kief is extremely potent, and a little goes a long way.

Using Kief With Bongs & Pipes

There are two ways you could use kief with bongs and pipes. One of them involves parchment paper and a hair straightener, and the other involves a similar rolling paper technique as the method above. Let’s get to the steps.

The Easy Way To Smoke Kief Through A Bong Or Pipe

Step 1: Since you have no herb to block the kief from falling through the airpath, you need something to block the hole. Get a rolling paper, and crumple a small piece into a ball.

Step 2: Place your small rolling paper ball into your bowl. It should be just big enough to block the hole in your bowl.

Step 3: Now that you have something to block the kief from falling through, load your kief on top and spark up.

The Advanced Way To Smoke Kief Through A Bong Or Pipe

Step 1: Get a hair straightener, parchment paper, kief, a butter knife, and a rolling tray.

Step 2: Spread a good amount of kief over a flat, squared sheet of parchment paper. Carefully fold the paper into a square with the kief inside. For maximum protection, wrap it in a second small sheet of parchment paper.

Step 3: Turn your hair straightener on to its lowest setting. Once heated, place your parchment paper-wrapped kief between the straightener’s clamps (be careful not to burn yourself).

Step 4: Rotate the paper every few seconds until it starts emitting a fragrant aroma, about 1-2 minutes of frequent rotation until it danks.

Step 5: Carefully open your parchment paper, and your kief should be hardened and stuck to the paper. Take your butter knife (a gift card works too) and carefully scrape the kief off the paper and mold it into a ball.

Step 6: Congratulations! You just made hash. With your little hash ball, you can easily plop it into a bowl and spark up. Even better, it burns slowly, so it’s an excellent choice for connoisseurs looking for an easy, long-lasting, and hard-hitting session.

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